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Mother in law hospitalised after 1st chemo session


Re: Mother in law hospitalised after 1st chemo session

Thanks for your reply floppy, I'm sorry to hear you are going through this too.
You have given me some positive info here! My father in law would probably have all the info re nurses / chemo clinic but he's of a generation that's very reluctant to "hassle" people, although we really do need to get a few answers for my mother in laws sanity! I went through a terrible time with doctors when my own mum had cancer and we really had to fight to get any info so we are prepared!

Re: Mother in law hospitalised after 1st chemo session

It does seem to be very common. The Chemo means we are vulnerable to infections.

I went into hospital after my first chemo session with an infection. Has iv antibiotics. They wanted to keep me for days but I managed to escape.

For subsequent chemo's I got my GP to treat me at home for the infections which I had every time. That was a chemo regime called FEC.

I'm now on another chemo regime now and during the first week i also give myself injections for 5 days of a immune system drug. This seems to have done the trick as I have not had an infection this cycle.

Your MIL is in the right place. The hospitals seem to have a system in place and know to treat us with IV antibiotics and filgrastim (GCSF). This is straightforward for them.

All the infections I had didn't mean the chemo isn't working. My own lump has shrunk dramatically.

I can't comment on your MIL. It may be that her infection is more serious. However, this is no information to say that it is the case. Hope she is OK. Is there anyone you can call for more information? There should be a Chemo clinic contact or an assigned breast care nurse?



Mother in law hospitalised after 1st chemo session

Hello everybody, I'm new here and was hoping someone might have advice.
My mother in law has her 1st chemo session and a booster for her immune system last Thursday, on Sunday she was rushed to hospital after collapsing at home and has stayed since. We've had no contact from a consultant but it's looking like an infection.
My husband is in absolute pieces and is convinced that she will not make it when the original prognosis was excellent.
Is this common? What will likely happen next?
Any advice or help is very much appreciated.
Thank you so much x