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Moving Forward Course


Re: Moving Forward Course

Hello Mary,


Thank you so much for sharing that lovely feedback with everyone. I work at Breast Cancer Care co-ordinating our Moving Forward Courses so it is really lovely to read and I am glad that you found the course so useful.


Warm wishes,


Collette Gibson

Services Development Co-ordinator.


To find out where the nearest Moving Forward Course is in your area head to the 'In your area' page on our website: https://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/in-your-area/support-events



Moving Forward Course

Hi All


Just had to say have just finished the BCC Moving Forward Course, if you have the oppurtunity to go on one please do it, I found the whole experience informative, positive and uplifting. For me it was the first time apart from the usual "hello,how are you" at clinics, that I had spoken at length to other ladies with Breast Cancer.


Each week we had different topics to discuss, all sorts of professionals who came in and offered advice dieticians,therapists and Macmillan, one week we had a Breast Surgeon who was absolutely brilliant, we were able to ask him things in a more relaxed atmosphere and he answered our questions honestly and truthfully, we all agreed that this was the best session.


There was lots of laughter, anger at times and a few tears, but most of all it was a group of women, including the volunteers who had all gone through the same life changing experience, to have another person say "I know, I get it" and know they really did was emotional in a good way.


I cannot thank BCC enough for running these sessions.


Hugs and best Wishes

Mary x