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Moving on after all clear


Re: Moving on after all clear


Just because you haven't had to go through chemo or radiation (I had chemo before and Rad after).  Doesn't mean you haven't been through a lot or that you can't have a moan, you have still been through a hell of a lot both physically and mentally.


hope you are feeling better than you did when you posted and sorry for not replying sooner just read the post.


Take care of your self and good luck with everything 😘




PS I agree with everything Kiki2 said 

Re: Moving on after all clear

Hi Gingernut, if you only had your operation on 14th March, I think you are expecting too much of yourself too soon. Try to take a day at a time and listen to your body, you will need to build your strength back up gradually, if you have had an implant as well your body has a lot to adjust to. Do the exercises they give you as this will help the under arm mobility. I had mx with immediate recon and hardly went out for the first 3 weeks, then built it up steadily and was back to work after 8.5 weeks. I found it affected my confidence too as I felt as if I wanted to stay cocooned in my own little bubble to start with. We may not have needed further treatment but it's still a big operation, so don't beat yourself up! I'm 2 years on now and back to running, badminton and a 'normal' life. Still like to come on here sometimes though to connect with people who understand what goes through your mind, even when life returns to 'normal' ! Best wishes for your recovery, Nicola xx

Moving on after all clear

I got great news about outcome of mascetomy with no more active treatment needed. Mascetomy was on 14 March.


Upheaval with routine and structure all over the place. Want to return to work activities but may not not ready mentally. Frustrating especially when I have to rely on others and use public transport to get from A to B. Normally I would walk but feel discomfort when walking due to lymph node removal. i am putting on weight due to scoffing too many chocolates.


i am having to live with part of my body taken away and an implant inserted. It is a bit drastic for a DCIS pre-evasive cancer. It is a bit strange and I still have to see if implant is ok after 6 week follow up.


sorry for appearing to moan especially if others still have to face chemo/radiotherapy