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Mx without recon questions....


Re: Mx without recon questions....

I had a bmx without reconstruction and didn't wear anything for the first week, in fact my surgeon said not to wear anything tight for as long as possible.

When i started going out and about, i bought some crop tops from M&S (packet of 2 for about £12), which I use to hold the softie boobs in.

I also had node removal and deodorant wise, I used a mild Body shop one (which sadly has now been discontinued) my BCN suggested to get one with a few chemicals as possible and only wear it if you really need to.

Hi, I had mx with immediate recon - I just used roll on d...

Hi, I had mx with immediate recon - I just used roll on deoderant, but avoided the stitch area, don't use sprays at all - not even body spray. If you don't want to use any for a week or so, just use some unscented baby wipes to freshen yourself up.  as for bras, I had to wear them straight away, I assume the same for you. My hospital supplied front fastening cotton ones, but the pull on bras from Asda are great too - they have removable pads (take them out for the wash), and they come in black, white, skin, and sometimes pink or dark red - they cost £6 each and are really comfy. I would highly recommend them. I assume the hospiital will give you a "comfy" to put inside them.  Hope all goes well.

Take care

K M x

Re: Mx without recon questions....

Hi Lolly73,


Sorry you haven't had any replies to your questions as yet but hopefully someone will now see your post.  In the meantime below I have put for you links to a couple of BCC's publications you might find helpful, also our helpline team are just a free phone call away if you want to give them a call and have a chat about your concerns. 0808 800 6000






Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Mx without recon questions....

Hi, can anyone tell me if i need a special deodorant after mx and node removal?

Also, bcn said to get a tight fitting support bra for after surgery to prevent swelling, how soon after surgery do i need to put it on?

Thanks in advance