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My 5 years are up.


Re: My 5 years are up.

Hi Jood (as oppo to a Beatles "Hey"!)


So how did your 5 yr check go?? I'm hoping it went well, and you've now been "signed off". I can understand your feeling vulnerable, loss of support safety-net. But it's still there for you to access, should you need it, so try not to think or feel it's been taken away. Plus you have your 3 yr mammo checks.

We're all different in how we react to these different stages -  Personally, I felt glad to be signed off after 5 yrs, felt it was another positive step to moving on from BC, but knew I'd only have to see my Gp and I'd be quickly back into the support system again, if I needed to.

Let us know how you got on. I want to be able to raise a glass to you tonight!!


Wishing you, and everyone else a very Happy, Healthy New Year 2018 - and beyond.

Loadsa love

Dellywelly xxxxxxx 

Community Champion

Re: My 5 years are up.

Hi Jood,
Good to hear you’re nearly there, although I can appreciate how you feel. I’m nearly 2 years post diagnosis.
My onc did tell me I could request yearly mammos after the 5 year discharge, so it maybe worth checking this out with your team.
ann x

My 5 years are up.

I'll find out this week if I am to be 'discharged' from my BC clinic and go back to being 'normal' ie mammo every 3 years.

I'll aslo find out if I will be coming off the Letrozole.


My question.

Is it normal to feel terrified of being discharged ?

I feel like I'll be losing my safety-net..and don't like the fear I feel at the thoughts of it.


Is this usual ?