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My wife and her Secondary Breast Cancer


My wife and her Secondary Breast Cancer

Hi, new poster. My wife had ER pos Breast Cancer 7 years ago. Recently she has had tingling in her arm and arm pit. Had to bully and cajole the GP to send her for MRI.


The results of the MRI are showing something on the Lymph Node and something maybe on the brain although this is inconclusive.


Had Ultrasound on the Lymph Node and they've taken some of the cells but not confirmed that its cancer but they think it probably is. Got to wait for a full CT Scan for brain, and all torso organs.


My wife is emotionally spent, she's mentally preparing for the worse. It's bloody awful. I walk round all day watching folk going about their business and listening to friends moaning about their wives or their jobs and I want to scream at them, "you dont know how blinking lucky you are".


Our kids are 13 and 10, she's talking about telling them and how to do it.


Not sure what to do, guess we just have to wait to see how serious it all is then plan accordingly. I just wanted to let it out to be honest.


I know there are people who are on this forum and beyond in a far worse predicament. I should be thnakful for where we are on that basis.

Community Champion

Hiyer KTred,


Its a horribly tough time for you, for both of you, and I've not been in your position so wouldn't dare to imagine how you feel right now. I just wanted to welcome you to the forum, and hope that you find some help and comfort through the support that can be offered for both of you here. Through searches you will find threads and boards here relating to all aspects of the physical and emotional treatment of bc, whatever the stage and treatment plan. You have no doubt reached out here, as are feeling alone and scared, talk to us.....we hope to be able to help.




Hi Rich

I have just joined this forum today and read your post.  I hope that you have had some positive news since you posted this back in September.  I just wanted to let you know I am going through a similar situation with my partner of 8 years have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.  It has been a massive shock with no history of cancer and we are trying to take things day by day.  I'm here if you need to vent / share.


Community Champion

Hi Rich,

I just wanted to welcome you here & sorry to hear what you're both going through.

As ever, it's the uncertainty in waiting for results & the treatment plan that is so hard & you're certainly entitled to feel the way you do, but thank goodness, you were both persistent with the gp. 

Do come here & vent when you need to & if a diagnosis is confirmed, then do look at the other relevant threads & join in as you both want to. 

There is also the helpline here if you need to talk things through. 

Wishing you both the very best,

ann x