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Nastrosa Anybody


Re: Nastrosa Anybody

thanks so much for info - did  make contact and was told that it was 'not finacially viable to continue manufacture !! no it wont be if there are so very few on it . The side effects were minimal on Nastrosa but as I've hopefully only got a year to do on Anastrozole I'll just have to knuckle down ......... again  - roll on December will finally get 'me' back. mind you with the vast number of contributers to this site you'd think that there would be someone out there wouldnt you that was on it.  Thanks again


Re: Nastrosa Anybody

Hi Lazydaisy1,


I've never actually heard of this but did a Google search and found this:


Each tablet contains 1 mg anastrozole as active substance.

Excipients: Each tablet contains 90.3 mg lactose (as lactose monohydrate).


which is exactly the same ingredients as my Anastrazole, branded Consilient Health.  Mine also contain sodium starch glycolate, Povidone (E1201) and Magnesium Stearate (E572). I know many have said that different brands give different side effects, but I've been told this is because of the different 'fillers' used in each brand.


I don't think we can blame our GPs for trying to save money where possible. After all, the NHS is cash strapped. Woman Wink Although you wouldn't have believed it when I was having chemo, they kept chucking anti sickness tablets at me when I kept telling them I didn't need them. I have about 6 packets around the place!!


Here's hoping your side effects are manageable.Heart


poemsgalore xx


ps, I've just noticed the company address. They are based just 5-6 miles down the road from me!!



Nastrosa Anybody

The fact I've not found anyone who has been on this meds is very interesting.

Is there anyone out there who has been prescribed this as a cheaper alternative to Anastrozole ?

Just find it odd I seem to be the only one in the U.K who has been prescribed this. Trust my G.P. to dig up something cheap and obscure ...... or am i being unjust to my practice ?????