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Navelbine/Hair colouring during chemo/Cream - sore feet?

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Re: Navelbine/Hair colouring during chemo/Cream - sore feet?

Hi Claire - can't help with the chemo question as I had FEC but on the hair front - I was told to NOT use amonia dye on my hair for about 6 months after chemo but found a natural veggie dye called "Naturtint" - blonde and dark shades available - its very very gentle on the hair. Holland & Barrett stock it or you can google it and buy it online. Love and best wishes to you and mum - hope she continues well with her treatment x

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Navelbine/Hair colouring during chemo/Cream - sore feet?

Hello everyone

Ive posted on here before about my mam starting capceptabine and was really grateful for your advice, due to bad side effects she was switched to Navelbine and has 3 weeks worth. She seems to coping reasonably well with the symptoms, so we have everything crossed its going to work. Has anyone had any experiences with this type of chemo.

Also, are there any creams which might help her sore feet and hands and what are peoples experiences with haor colouring whilst having chemo, she has been a bottle blonde for years and years and is looking for ideas on organic?suitable hir dyes?

Any ideas would be much appreciated?