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Nearly Wednesday and I am so scared and sad.

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Re: Nearly Wednesday and I am so scared and sad.

Hi Jules
Know exactly how you feel about the time span.I can't beleive that its now June and I was dx in Oct last year,but god have I been through the mill since then. I truly hope you are strong enough on Weds, you have good support and no matter what the outcome you know you have good friends here to help in whatever shape they can.

Take Care and Good Luck



Nearly Wednesday and I am so scared and sad.

Well Wednesday afternoon exactly 8 weeks since I was referred to the breast clinic at around 2.40 I will find out whether I have Cancer or a benign lump. In some ways it feels like its been going on for ever but in some ways the time has gone quickly, does that sound weird!!!!

I have had the problems with my stupid GP saying I had no lump, then having to go to emdocs to have it found and referred. Two mammograms, two ultra sounds, one fna, one core biopsy, a wire in my boobie and then the lumpectomy!!!

As most of you know my mum has BC and this weekend the waiting for my results has really got to her and she admitted she has been really upset and down. I feel so bad that this has affected her when she is fighting her own battles.

On Friday I was told that if my results were ready today, they would try and arrange an appointment with a different consultant to give me the results. I phoned up but was told the results were in pathology waiting to be typed up. I came off the phone and burst into tears as felt yet again I had built myself up and then at the last minute not got told what I wanted to hear. I phoned back again because the secretary had started talking about cultures being ok etc and I had ended up thinking omg there is something else she it not telling me but knows its bad news. Luckily I god a lovely BC Nurse, she was an absolute sweetie and went off to try and find out my results, unfortunately they have not been reported, but I truly believe she would have told me them if she had had them. She said she would look out for me in clinic on Wednesday.

I have three people coming with me for support, hubby, sister and a good friend! I actually think they will have to carry me through the door as my legs are going to be like jelly as I am so scared!

Anyway just wanted to write on here how I was feeling as I find it helps.

Thanks for reading.