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Nearly new here again


Re: Nearly new here again

Hi Yils it gets me so cross too when I read you're more likely to get cancer if your overweight or obese. Three of my friends have BC or have had it, as has my neighbour & none of us are overweight or obese & neither were any of the people I met at the radiotherapy dept whilst having treatment. Why can't they just be honest & say it can affect anyone no one is immune. Wishing you all the best x

Nearly new here again

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not being here for a while but I have forgotten how the web works.  I had secondry breast C started my chemo few days before christmast 2013, if this was not enough my Husband came down with Burkit Lymphoma, July last year.  But all is good and he is on the mend. 


So my daughter again this year is doing the London night, Pink ribbon walk with her friends.  I am affraid my walking days are over,  before the cancer we did 5 miles a day with our dog, eat healthy and bingo we still had it it's quite sad when I hear people who say fat and lazy,  drinkers, smokers gets it, well excuse us. 


wish all a better days ahead.


Take care