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Need some Help and support - My Mum

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Re: Need some Help and support - My Mum


You seem to have put this new thread under the Archive section, so you may not get many replies. Perhaps you should re-post under "Living with Secondary Breast Cancer" section? Sorry I can't be of any help with your questions.

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Need some Help and support - My Mum

Hi everyone. I posted on these forums a few weeks ago and got so many helpful repiles.

Yesterday I was told that my mums secondary breast cancer has spread from her hip bone to her lung. Any treatment she has now will be to prolong life. I just cant believe this is happening. I'm trying to stay positive but its hard not knowing how long she will survive. She is having bone strengtheners, radiotherapy for the pain, hormone tablets, and is also having something done to her ovaries to get rid of any oestrogen.

Its so hard to come to terms with. I'm having horrible thoughts of what she might miss.. my graduation, my wedding..

Are there any other women out there that could give me a bit more info?