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Need some advise immune system


Re: Need some advise immune system

Hi Lisa

I have 3 young children too and am 2 doses into my E-CMF chemo. So far one of my children has had a tummy bug in my low immune week and this time they all have colds. My Onc gives me antibiotics to take days 8 - 15 because I have little ones - although I don't think that's standard practice, and (touch wood) I seem to be ok.

I've been washing my hands with antibacterial stuff very regularly, wiping door handles and light switches with antibac wipes and I'm afraid daddy had to deal with the middle of the night puking, but other than that it's not like you can shut yourself away from your children so I've just had to go with it and take sensible precautions. I take my temperature morning and evening - was told if it goes above 38 for more than half an hour to call the unit.


Re: Need some advise immune system

Hi Lisa,
Your immune system is usually low 7-10 days after chemo,so you have to be careful being around people with colds etc,in case you pick anything up.
Alli x

P.S It's if your temp is above 37.5 for more than an hour you should ring your hospital.


Re: Need some advise immune system

Hi Lisa, I had chemotherapy a year ago and had Epi and xeloda. I was relatively lucky with immunity the whole way through. One thing always stuck in my mind though. I had a digital thermometer which i used to take my temperature with. Anything over 39 degrees for over an hour and it is essential that you go to the hospital. However, saying that I tried to carry on as normal but was just extra careful. I kept away from people with colds or upset stomachs or I just made sure that if I was around someone with this that I was careful to wash my hands regularly and wipe down door handles etc. Your immunity normally starts off quite well and tends to dip as you go along. I remember a person on the site posted that bc is hard enough without taking away all the things we enjoy in life. Later on I went to London on the underground and came back with no infections. If you want to do something, go ahead and do it. When you get your bloods checked as you will every time before your chemo they will do a neutrafil count and this is the figure which says how your immunity is. Anything under 1 and no chemo is given. I think you should listen to your body, keep up with things you enjoy in life ( I used to stay in alot and made me really depressed- I know some days I used to feel too ill to go out but within 8 days I felt better and then I did go out) but also be aware of any rises in temperature for an amount of time. Always give your bcn or chemo unit a ring if you feel you need advice. My Epi chemo was hard work but xeloda was easier. I found that the more i knew about my treatment the better i felt as I felt more in control.
Hope your chemo goes well and try not to worry (easier said than done i know) Many of us have been through this so there is always someone to talk to about your worries about chemo.

Love Rachy


Need some advise immune system

Hi I start chemo on Friday I have been told there is a week when my immune system will be none existant I have two young children and dont want to put my life on hold , is it like they say what should I do , where can I go .....?
Lisa x