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Neurosurgeon should I be worried ?


Re: Neurosurgeon should I be worried ?

Hi Rozita, sorry you still have this worry and good luck with your appointment on Saturday. 

This is from NHS 

"As you get older, the discs tend to dry out and become susceptible to tears. Your body will also try to compensate for the wearing of the joints by producing small lumps of extra bone to better support your neck and stiffen the spine. These lumps of extra bone are known as bone spurs or osteophytes.

Osteophytes can cause the spine to become too rigid, leading to stiffness and neck pain. The changes in bone structure can also squash nearby nerves and the spinal cord. This tends to be more common in older people."


Apparently 9 out of 10 adults have some degree of spondylosis, usually older people but given all the treatment for cancer we have had it's hardly surprising that us "younger ladies"  (not sure 51 is younger haha)get it. 


Here is a link to the website with more information






Neurosurgeon should I be worried ?

Hi I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon on Saturday as gp rang me with mri results to neck. ( nearly 4 years since diagnosis lumpectomy chemo rads) got the report and I have a bone growth she said at the bottom of my neck determination in all discs but bone growth is near to spine and could have potential to be a problem . The report says osteophyte but I am worried it could be mets and osteoblast can be a bone growth even though its normally osteocytes is this right ? Or would it show the diffrence trying to understand and wondering what to ask and expect ? Any help and advice would be appreciated if its a possibility of mets I'd rather know to prepare. Thanks rozita x