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Re: New Member

Thank you all for your comments and support xxx

LouiseBCC thank you for the link I have filled in the form and sent for the publication xxx

Laraine....re the RA sounds like Chemo good for it lol think I do without it if I can and hopefully start back on the RA medsxxx

CherylLT ....thank you for the advice about the the other thread I will try and find it xxx

ChoccieMuffin...thank you for your comments really not looking forward to the MRI scan but I have a Grandaughter who is now 16 she was diagosed with a brain tumour at 2 years old ,she is nearly blind but lives life to the full she has been having MIR scans scince she was 2 years old.I suddenly thought....Grandma Ju if Jade can do it so can you bless her she even offered to come with me.
I have not been googling things just been reading things on here and what a wonderfull helpfull site. I hope to become friends with you all xxx

Love and Hugs to you all xxxx Ju


Re: New Member

Hi Ju

Sorry that you've joined the club, but you've found a wonderful resource here.

In a similar position to you, I had a core biopsy where I was told it was Grade 2 so would need lumpectomy, rads and Tamoxifen, only to find after the op that it's grade 3 and HER2+ so I now need chemo, Herceptin, rads and Tamoxifen, and also had to have a re-excision as well.

But with support from the lovely ladies on here, I've got through my surgery and the torture of The Waiting Room (we've all been there and it totally sucks!) and I'll be starting my chemo in March.

The MRI scan is really easy, if a bit on the weird side - if for the breasts you lie on your front with your boobs in a couple of indentations on the table. Very strange, but not painful, just very loud. They do give you headphones so you can listen to music or a radio station, and a buzzer in your hand so you can stop it and speak to them if you get a bit panicky. The procedure's not a worry although waiting for the results is horrible. Do be aware that an MRI is SO good that it picks up all sorts of normal breast changes that might also need to be checked just to rule them out, so if you get called for other biopsies after the MRI, don't have too many kittens as it can pick up things like cysts, normal fibrocystic changes that are perfectly normal, that kind of thing.

If you want to read stuff, take a look at the Publications section on this site, there are some very good resources. Other places to look include Macmillan and Cancer Research, but do be careful with random googling as you can come across sites that contain irrelevant, out-of-date and just plain WRONG information, so stick to the reputable sites.

Feel free to use the BCC forums to sound off, to scream and shout, to express your worries or just to even share a laugh, knowing that the people reading and replying completely understand what you're going through.




Re: New Member

Hi Ju, I'm sorry you're going through the mill of the news getting worse and worse for a while. I was in the same position, though not lobular cancer, a few months ago, and I remember how hard it was to learn that the relatively easy treatment I had been told to expect was going to be longer and more difficult. I'll have to take anti-oestrogen after I finish everything else, and I don't fancy more menopausal symptoms, either, though I have read they often aren't so bad when you're post menopause. I certainly hope so.

You might like to join a thread in Undergoing Treatment that has slipped down a bit, called More Mature Post Menopausal Women. There are other ladies there with similar health problems and family concerns, so if rheumatoid arthritis hasn't been discussed yet, you could ask if anyone else has it. I've 'only' got a bit of osteoarthritis, which is very different of course, aside from complicating life at times.

You're not whinging. Just rheumatoid arthritis on its own or BC on its own is quite enough to cope with, no one needs both.

Best wishes


Re: New Member

Hi Ju

So sorry you have had to come on here, but we will all help as much as we can. Yes, the waiting is the very worst thing in all of this. As to your rhuematoid arthritis,I don't know if you will have to have chemotherapy or not but when I had it, the RA went away and hasn't come back yet and that was over 4 years ago, so a little bit of hope for you in all this. It's a rotten disease but we are all on here to help you through it.
Big hugs
Laraine xx


Re: New Member

Hi Ju

Firstly, welcome to the forums, I'm sure you'll find lots of support and information here.

I understand that this is a very difficult time and waiting for results and treatment to start is often the worst time.

I've given here the link to our Resource pack for primary diagnosis. It contains lots of helpful information to help you understand your diagnosis and treatments. I hope you find it a useful read. It can be ordered through this link:


Do remember you can also call the helpline if you feel it might help to talk to someone. The number is 0808 800 6000. They're open weekdays 9-5 and 9-2 on Saturday.

Best wishes.



New Member


I have been sitting on the sidelines reading posts plucking up courage to post.........think its all part of the prosess of admiting I belong here just being diagnosed with BC having read posts I now realise I am going to get a lot of support and information from you lovley people.
If its ok I will tellyou my journey so far...

I am 59 years old (big 60 in June) was called for my routine mammogram on Jan 17th.....got letter for a recall on Jan 28th went to Hospital hour and half journey away they were very nice had a ultra sound followed by biopsy in boob and needle thing under me arm
next app for 2nd Feb.went back surgeon said I had breast cancer but they needed to do a core biop under my arm.made arrangements for me to go back for this on 8th Feb plus a pre op assesment raedy for a lumpectomy possibly node removal on 14th Feb.....understood I would have a wire inserted in my boob to pin point the lump before removal.I was ok about this thinking ok if thats what they gotta do go with it also told I would have radio thing after.

went back for result of arm biop on friday 11th told it was ok.boy was I pleased thinking good come monday they gonna remove lump couple of arm nodes I be on me way.........oh no
Dr said goodbye see you monday and went out room nurse who was with me said .umm sit tight I need a word with him..off she goes few mins later he comes back and says ..sorry Mrs S I forgot its not what I told you........turns out its Lobuler not what he told me ..means I have to have MIR scan (booked for monday) dextra bone scan and he put me on tablets.Femara.saying I will go back to hot flushes .night sweats etc etc(thanks lol)

At this point I lost the plot the tears flowed until then I had been so strong thinking I can do this was like they told me op on the Monday got all sorted .he handed me the ice cream and as I took the first Lick he snatched it away.

I know he is doing what is best for me but omg the waiting is so hard
dont want to sound a winger but I also have other health probs Rhumitoid Arthritus... had to stop taking med for that ie methatriaxte injections and Humeria injections means I can hardly walk now and hands not working well

Lost me mum to BC in 2004 all playing on me mind

Love and Hugs to you all

Ju xxxxxx