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New diagnosis


Re: New diagnosis

Hi Sue Rosa, 


i am not in any way expert in the' Strong family history field' but I do know a couple of ladies with similar family histories who are in a 'follow ip program' for exactly that at the Marsden. I expect your hospital May do that too, but if not, you might wish to make enquires. Im sure the Christie may do similar.


love and best eishes,



Re: New diagnosis

Thanks for all the support, much appreciated 



Re: New diagnosis

Hi Sue, I'm so sorry you have had to join us and also that you have had such loss in your family due to this dreaded disease, I lost my mum to Breast cancer which was hard enough and can only imagine what you have been through and now this, you do wonder what on earth you have done! I'm surprised with such a strong history in your family that genetic testing hasn't been done before? Sorry if I'm prying but as soon as my mum was diagnosed it was the first thing we asked about as I'm one of 3 girls so naturally we were all worried but mum didn't have the gene so we were never tested  and so far fingers crossed 17 years on I'm the only one to have had Breast cancer and mine isn't a genetic type so I'm told, there is plenty of support here for you when ever you need it, we all try and pull together and have a few laughs as well along the way Xx Jo 

Community Champion

Re: New diagnosis

HEllo SueRos,


'Welcome' to the forum, in inverted commas because it's not nice to need to be here at all, but glad you have found your way here,to get some support from all the others ladies who have finished or are currently having treatment. I would agree too with Sue HS, that you are going to need some extra help with the emotional side of this disease, as you have such a background of loss in your family. Your BC nurse can indeed quickly refer you for counselling/ genetic counselling ( depending on which is the most appropriate). We are all here and happy to help all in any way we can x

Re: New diagnosis

Hi again SueRosA21

I am so sorry to hear about your mom, grandma, sisters and aunt. And I am glad that you have already started the process for gene testing. I am a little surprised that it appears this test was not offered previously, as there is such a strong history in your family.

If I may, I would really urge you to contact your breast care nurse, so they can put you onto the right counselling program. You have had an awful lot to cope with and now having a diagnosis yourself - the support an appropriate counselling service can give you - may be invaluable.

It is challenging for me to put myself into your shoes - but I can certainly understand, why you are so scared.

I hope that your biopsy and other test results will be so - that you have a far better chance. 

Please keep us updated - so we can be as much help and support as possible.


Sue xxx

Re: New diagnosis

 Thanks for th replies, I am awaiting the gene test result and depending on that  - treatment options. My mother, sisters etc all have sadly died following years of treatment.


Re: New diagnosis

Hi SueRosA21,

So sorry to see that you had to join us on this forum. It is a great place though to talk about your fears, worries and anxieties. We all can sympathise, as we are, or have been in a similar place to yourself.

Across the forum are many threads, where you will find support, information, shared experiences and many virtual hugs, when you need them. We laugh and cry, we rant and rave and help each other through this time. It is unfortunately true, that unless one has had to deal with such a diagnosis and treatment oneself, others nearly never really understand what we are going through.

It is not surprising that you are so very scared, considering your family history. Has any gene testing been done yet? If I may suggest, this should be done very urgently.

Are you able to share your biopsy results with us?

You say sister, mum, grandmother and aunts and now gone - has their cancer gone or were they not able to beat this?

So sorry for all the questions - if you are able to share the answers, it may make it easier to support you throughout all of this.

It is worth thinking about the way treatments for breast cancer have improved beyond expectation over the past few years and new treatments and trials are coming on line, so to speak, on a regular basis. This is a great hope for many and more and more of us beat this. 

You should have been assigned a breast cancer care nuse, if you are UK based. It may be a good idea to contact him/her to discuss, whether you can access some counselling, as soon as possible. This is likely to help you with your fears and as you move forward through many of the diagnostic appointments and treatment. 

We are here for you.

Huge hug

Sue xx

Re: New diagnosis

Hello SueRosA21, 


I am sorry to hear that you have been recently diagnosed, I am sure some of our forum users will be along to offer some support soon.


In the meantime you may be interested in our Someone Like Me service, we have around 200 volunteers on the service who offer support over the telephone or email. We can put you in touch with someone who has experience of the issues you are facing, someone who's had breast cancer and understands. 


If you would like to use the Someone Like Me service please do get in touch by email on:someonelikeme@breastcancercare.org.uk or by calling the service directly on 0114 263 6490.


Warm wishes,



Service Worker (Someone Like Me).

New diagnosis

I was diagnosed following a biopsy on 31.8. Changes found on MRI which prompted biopsy. Strong family history, both sister and mum, grandmother and aunts all had it and now gone -very scared.

I feel well, the only thing I now have is a badly bruised left boob!