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New dx


Re: New dx

Hi yes I do a lot of good things but still have odd chocolate etc....im sure you will find a happy balance. At the moment your still spinning and looking for answers ..a treatment plan will help you and this site is simply the best.love sharonx

Re: New dx

Thanks louboo
I think now it's got its own thread ..it will b found easily by everyone as it slipped down and got lost from May when it was first posted.
I wish I could be more strong willed but I'm not ..love my treats !!
Hugs xx🍟

Re: New dx

Will start a new thread now Carolyn - I looked it up when you recommended it a short while ago, and I copied it then and saved it on my computer.  Like you, I can't follow everything that Babsy recommends,but small steps in the right direction are better than nothing.


Re: New dx

Thanks for all advice, I will certainly check out the books recommended. I've already tried to change some things in my diet already, I try to eat turmeric as often as I can (I have it in scrambled egg, you can hardly notice it), trying to eat nuts, seeds, more fruit and veg, garlic, ginger but I can't eat all of these everyday. But will keep trying and will allow myself treats, need them now more than ever! Think this forum is going to be a great help for me so thanks again 🙂

Re: New dx

Hiya louboo
Thanks for copying and pasting babsys diet ..I have tried so many times to do that as I keep referring newbies to it.
Is there anyway you could Start New thread called healthy living or something and put it there.
It contains such good advice but sadly I can't follow it as I love chocolate cakes and McDonalds too much !!

Re: New dx

Copy and pasted from Babsy......

Firstly the books that I found to be a real inspiration were: "Radical Remission" by Kelly Turner; "anti-cancer, a new way of life" by David Servan-Shreiber and "mind over Medicine" by Lissa Rankin. There are lots of others and websites that I now follow etc. But these books I found to be inspirational and gave me hope and started me on my journey. I changed my diet to mainly vegetarian (organic) I do still occasionally eat organic chicken, organic omega 3 rich eggs, some fish and seafood. I have a blended veggie drink everyday and a separate fruit blend which I make. Adding super green powder, etc to veggie blend. I don't eat any refined sugar, but if I make goodies to eat I use natural alternatives so I can still have goodies. I try and eat a handful of nuts and seeds every day. I don't eat any form of dairy but again use alternatives. I fortunately love green tea, and try and drink 6 cups ( which is 3 giant mugs in my case) of Japanese Sencha tea. I take 1/4 tsp of tumeric with a pinch of black pepper in a desert spoon of organic extra virgin olive oil, with a drop of agave syrup and then a big glug of water. Don't drink tap water, use Evian water cos it's a alkaline ph and is in non BPA plastic. Take occasional Kelp tablet for iodine and a squirt of vitamin B12 which can sometimes be lacking if you're mainly a veggie. Don't use any chemicals in home either cleaning or personal products and that is scary when you research it!! I had free Reikki sessions via the hospice and have occasional Reflexology when I can afford it. Use visualisation techniques, one to kill the cancer and the other to build my immune system including producing more Natural Killer cells. After using this second visualisation to produce more red blood cells I never needed another blood transfusion and I had had to have them regularly before then. That was after discovering a medical paper where people with anaemia were taught to do this and the majority of them improved significantly.  I try and use meditation to build my immune system but I need to get a lot better at that!! I was fortunate enough to be able to take early retirement as a headteacher which was obviously a stressful but much loved job. I've building up my hobbies and love looking after my new grandson, learning to play the organ, really getting into my art work and transforming my garden back into a much loved space. I did undertake a bicarbonate of soda and brown molasses regime before my last bone scan in December 15 but have not repeated that but I think I will do it again before my next bone scan in September. Just getting into essential oils and use Frankinsence (borallis sacra, there are two different types) and myrrh as a massage oil where the bone mets still are. Sorry to bombard you with all of this and I didn't do all of this straight away but gradually built up things. I did extensive research including reading medical papers etc to make decisions about what I was going to do and I used my intuition to choose what I thought was right with my body.

Re: New dx

Hi Jules

I'm in a very similar situation to you, in that each visit to the hospital I got worse and worse news, so I can truly appreciate how you're feeling.  Between March and May I was diagnosed with firstly one small lump, on day of op they found a second, so op had to be postpone by 2 weeks while another biopsy was done, confirmed 2 small lumps but it didn't look like it had gone into my lymph nodes - phew.  Came out of surgery to learn that it had, in fact, gone into 17 of 18 lymph nodes and so ensued a few weeks of various scans (ct, isotope and PET), which ended up with me being told on 1st June that it had gone secondary into my bones in sternum, several of my vertabrae and right hip.

The shock is unbelieveable isn't it and, even now, nearly 8 weeks later it is a diagnosis that is still soooo hard to accept.  I went into complete meltdown at first, but over the weeks I am learning to renormalise and take a lot of positivity from this forum - so much to learn from so many brave women.

I have altered my diet slightly, I've cut out things like white pasta and bread, fizzy drinks, cured meats (ham, bacon etc), I bought myself a nutribullet and am now making myself healthy green smoothies every day.  Can't say I really like them, but I just think of the good they're doing me when I'm drinking them!

I copied the posting that Carolyn was talking about from Babsy - I'll copy and paste it for you (hope that's ok Babsy).

However, like Marion, I know I wouldn't stick to anything that was too strict (and anyway life's too short), so I still enjoy strawberries dipped in chocolate and a glass of red in the evening, to name but 2!!

I hope you manage to find some calm, in amongst all the angst you're going through - here if you ever want to chat.

Louise xxx

Re: New dx

Hi Jules,


So sorry to hear about your dx.


I went through something similar, reasearching what I could do to improve my chances. If you want to look at your diet there is a book called "Life over cancer" by Keith Block that appears to have some scientific basis for how you can help yourself.


However, in the end, I decided I didn't have the commitmet to radically change my diet - and quite frankly, I didn't want to face whatever time I have left with the prospect of no cake, chocolate or wine! I checked with my onc and BCN and they said there was no need to do anything drastic. So I'm just trying to eat a balanced diet 80% of the time and up my fruit and vegetable count.


The important thing is to do what's right for you and try not to feel guilty.


All the best,




Re: New dx

Thanks Carolyn, I too love cake and chocolate and also like to go for a drink once a week. I don't want to do more harm but I also want to have some things to enjoy too. It's all so scary for me at the moment. At first I was told I had a small lump, on day of op it was cancelled when they discovered fluid on my lung, so biopsy there which showed spread and now awaiting bone scan as I have pain there too. I don't know how to cope, I keep on getting up and trying, it gets harder each time I get more bad news. Sorry for waffling. I'll have a look back, thank you x

Re: New dx

Hiya Jules
Welcome to our family where you will get a lot of help and support.
As far as diet is concerned ..I am the wrong person as I eat too much chocolate and cake.
Back in May on the bone threads we had a lovely lady called babsy that posted her very healthy diet regime ..maybe if you flick back you will find it.
In the meantime concentrate on keeping your self well and strong so that you can tolerate the treatments that will b in place for you.
Hugs xxx

New dx

Hi, I would like to know if anyone has advice on diet. I've just been dx recently, with secondaries on my lung lining and possibly bone (awaiting scan). It's all such a shock and I'm spending far too much time crying. I know I need to help myself but don't know where to start. I feel frightened of eating things like dairy and sugar. I'm trying to eat nuts and seeds etc but finding it all so hard. I feel awful if I slip up and eat a cake or cheese. Does anyone have any advice please?? I'm 47, I feel so upset and angry. Thanks for any help x