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New member saying hello


Re: New member saying hello

Hi Jan,


Woman Happy Well done for getting through the surgery and I hope you are feeling better now day by day.


I think sometimes the waiting is the worst part, but generally speaking there are strict guidelines dependant upon the diagnosis and they will not keep you waiting any longer than necessary. How long it takes for the results to come back depend usually on the tests they are performing.


Unfortunately I cannot really comment regarding the recovery and tests relating to the Hadfield's procedure as I had a mastectomy and AC, but I can imagine it is pretty sore and that the wait for further diagnosis is very stressful.


Cat Happy Thinking of you - fingers crossed Cat Happy

Pen xHeartx

Re: New member saying hello

Am struggling a bit with how to put posts on. Didn't realise they went off to be approved. Have just deleted the second one so hopefully on track now. Regards, Jan

Re: New member saying hello

Thanks for your reply Judith. The operation seemed to go alright and I managed to stay calm (or as calm as I ever can).   Am now faced with a wait of up to 4 weeks to return to the hospital.  Am feeling a bit abandoned. Has anyone else had a similar situation?   -  I know that 15 years ago when I had the lumpectomy I was given an appointment for two weeks to return for follow  up/results.

Re: New member saying hello

Hi Penelope 1,


I'm also someone who is doing this a second time with quite a long time between.

Likewise there was no support available though my GP did ask if I wanted to be put in touch with another patient if his who had been through it all earlier.


All the best for Friday. I hope you can stay reasonably calm and get help when needed from this forum.

Re: New member saying hello

Hi Penelope1


Welcome to the BCC Forum.  I'm pleased to read that you have already found the forum helpful and I'm sure other members will soon be along to offer you some support.


Very best wishes



BCC Moderator

New member saying hello

I would also like to say how pleased I am to find this forum. In 2001 I had breast cancer and at the time, once the surgery was over and results in, would have liked to find a support group of some sort. At the time I did not find anything.  I now am booked in for a Hadfield's Procedure on Friday and finding it difficult to stay calm.  It is good that I can look on here at people talking about having already had the procedure. Best of luck to everyone.