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New member so want to say Hi....


Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hi Andrea I was diagnosed in April 2015 with bc had chemo, mastectomy and radio then in July this year found tumours on my spine X hips , had two ops and waiting to have radio but like you no chemo yipeee have the monthly injections and calcium tablets,

Talk soon


Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hi Shelagh,
Welcome to our forum. You'll find a lot of advice, support and, believe it or not, fun here. I have bone and liver mets too which were diagnosed a year ago, 9 years after my primary. xxx

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

That was a very quick response.  Good to know people are actively using this facility.  Makes me feel less alone already.  

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Thanks  for the welcome.  Not a club anyone wants to be part of but it is good to have support from others in the same boat.  

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hi Shelagh, sorry you had to but glad you found us. Sounds like you've already got your treatment plan in place which is good! With I could join you at Mount Vernon, sounds much better that Sutton (UK)!

Any time you need to vent / rant or just talk we are here! As Carolyn said there are lots of different threads, the bone mets one is always quite busy & I know there is a liver one (I haven't visited as I'm only bone....).

Sending a big hug

Andrea X

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hello shelagh
Welcome to our family. It's hard to cope with the secondary dx but there are amazing ladies here that live with cancer with good quality of life.
It will take you a while to find all the different threads but there is always someone here if you need to rant and let off steam !!
Hugs xx

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

I'm a new member too.  Previous BC 13 years ago.  Diagnosed with liver and bone mets on June.  Started chemo two weeks ago - weekly Taxol - plus monthly biphosphonates - Zometa.  Having a port put in on Friday and an MRI scan.  Will be attending support group at Mount Vernon on 4 August.      

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hello carolann
Welcome ...you are now one of us and we are always pleased to have new members (not like anyone wants to be here ) .
You can shout or rant and just vent your fears or angers . We don't mind !!
Sounds like you have been through the mill over the years but have the fighting spirit !.
We have an excellent thread for " cape crusaders" under treatments where there are ladies that know everything about the se of these pills.
I salute you for fostering teenagers as its bad enough dealing with our own let alone some one else's kids !!!
I have two grown up sons and a daughter and four grandkids aged 11 to 24 so i might need your advice with the younger grandkids now they are becoming teenagers! The 11 year olds ars twins a boy and girl. Girly is gorgeous and kind ..boy is a nightmare child but hopefully he will b ok !!
Anyway welcome again.
Carolyn xxx

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hi thanks for accept me on this forum.

Little about me. I had Acute Myloud Luckiemia 1998. Bc May 2012 masectomy chemo and rads. November 2015 Liver cancer. On Cap, trying to stop it spreading.

I; was a foster carer till Dec 2015, fostering teenagers, could be very stessful really enjoyed it and miss it now. Three grown up boys and five grankids.

Carol Ann 

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hi Andrea, well we can tell you are a brave lady with that many over for a sleepover! Brave or mad! I had 4 (girls) over once and it was a nightmare!

Carolyn - I think you should set up your own handbag shop and start selling them or Hubby will have to build an extension to house them all!
Helen x

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hiya Andrea
You so have the right attitude ....I read somewhere that cancer loves stress and hates laughter so keep the happy thoughts.
Small things each day are good ..my case its a nice bar of cadburys about two ish everyday !!
A new handbag every couple of weeks and also to see a clear ironing pile !!!
Keep smiling

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Thanks all, it's really good to have so many people 'like me'!

I'm really lucky as I'm getting back the use of my arm after the shoulder op, not in too much pain & don't have too many side effects!!

I take each day at a time, every day is one more chalked up to me and I do one thing every day that makes me smile! It's the simple things, a new pair of shoes, seeing my boy smile because I said yes to something, a glass of wine, an empty washing basket!

I refuse to be miserable and I'm going to be me & enjoy every single minute...

A x

Community Champion

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hello from me too! I'm always a little sad when we get new members because it means you've had awful news, however the sadness is tempered with relief that you've found the forum and the knowledge that you aren't alone.


Have as good a weekend as possible oldies and newbies xx

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hi Andrea - I'm fairly new to the forum myself, and have found it a lifeline!!  Sorry you've found yourself in the position of needing to be here but everyone on here is so helpful and positive - hopefully some of it will rub off on you!

Take care xxx

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hello Andrea, just want to add my welcome to everyone elses! Join in with the games, etc, and try to take your mind off the bad for a while. I hope last night went well once you got the "cats" herded!


Hugs. Barton.x

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Thanks everyone, it's great just to be in touch with people who understand what it's all about!!! I'll be definitely joining in the games!

Just trying to get to sleep and for once it's not because of C that I cannot! I Had 6 twelve year old boys over (3 sleeping over) and it's like herding cats... Think they are asleep now! ' hubbi gave up ages ago and went to bed!

Will let you all know how the scans go!

A xxx

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hi Andrea,
Welcome to our forum. You'll find everyone to be very friendly, helpful and supportive. I hope everything goes well with your scans. It's impossible not to worry when you are waiting for results.
As Carolyn mentioned, why not join in our word games and book club etc on the private forum. These are great distractions. Best wishes xxx

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Welcome Andrea! Sorry about your diagnosis but hopefully being part of the forum will help.

Tournesol x

Re: New member so want to say Hi....

Hiya Andrea
Welcome to our little family where we are going through the secondary dx ...it's like a kick in the teeth when you get it especially once you have done the primary treatment ..we all hope its like the flu ..you get it and then it goes away ...wrong ..some of unlucky ones get it back to bite us in the bum !!
Anyway ..what will b will b and you will find plenty of threads here to help you. The bone Mets thread on the main board is the busiest one ..probably because I'm one of the worst for posting daily banter and rubbish there !!
Please feel free to join in our word games, book club etc etc .
Stay with us as I'm sure you will find it a great support to find others all in the same boat living normal lives through all the madness of this horrid disease.
Hugs xxc

New member so want to say Hi....

Hi, just joined the group do wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

I was diagnosed with BC (left breast & lymph nodes) in Oct 14, had op, chemotherapy (blahh) & 33 radio and was getting back to 'normal' by end of 15.

Jan 16 started having pain in right arm, bone mets (secondary BC) - was totally freaks out! Had shoulder replacement op and radiotherapy (no chemotherapy, YIPEEEEE, I still have hair) and I'm starting back at work again.

Got bone & CT scan next week to see what's what and have major scanxiety going on at the mo.... The only found the stuff in my arm last time but this week every twinge has me worried!

I take letrozole, calcium tablets and have monthly zoladex & denosumab injections.

Phew, that me done, I've read a lot of your posts and it will be nice to talk to people in the same position as everyone I know with BC is just primary..,