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Re: New to This Forum

Hi just read your post regarding wanting both removed my surgeon said no at first but when I told her I am so on edge I will get in other and can't sleep etc she changed her mind I was like yourself why go through to ops x I am now three and half weeks post op and still feel sore but getting there x awaiting results on my treatment plan next Tuesday x I would call and ask to see your surgeon again and tell them how u feel x she would not reconstruct on same day if I had both removed but that did not bother me x

Re: New to This Forum

Thanks to every one  who has put any reply to my post. I wish all of you the best in what you are going through. I have been in touch with my specialist nurse on Tuesday said I wanted both boobs off but was told they will only do one and the other (which is non cancerous) in about a year. Not so happy about that due to the huge size of the one I will have left! I shall be walking round and round in circles I'll be so lopsided.Had my pre op this morning the nurse I saw said I should do some pleading so will phone tomorrow to see if I can get them to change their mind. Why have 2 ops when I could get it all over with in one. Anyway whatever happens I am in for surgery a week today and have every intension of being out the next day if possible.Everyone in the village where I live has been so kind and supportive. I wanted everyone to know as I didn't want any rumours starting and would rather people know the truth.Just hoping the weather is going to pick up so I can do my recooperating in the sunshine!! Might as well make the most of it! I am now going to look at knitted knockers sounds facinating!!

Re: New to This Forum

Hi Mags,

What a complete shock for you !! Waiting for results is awful but that would not be what you are expecting. I guess on the 'positive' side this 'lung tumour ' may have not given you symptoms for a long time and at least it has been found while very small and curable . The chin on your chest bit doesn't sound too pleasant, did you say you were in Liverpool ?

I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago  , grade 2 ER  + 16mm and awaiting WLE and SNB in 2/7 time then the wait again for full results an treatment plan.

When do you have your op ?



Re: New to This Forum

Hi Mags


your story has really stopped me in my tracks. You are facing a real hard battle.


I'm sure people have used words like lucky and fortunate but you don't feel lucky.  You will have a story to tell and we will be here to listen. 


My best friend had breast cancer, then lung cancer but not at the same time. She's fine now and clear of both. 


I will be thinking of you.


take care



Re: New to This Forum

What a wonderful attitude. I'm still trying to get over the shock. I found my lump on 20 Feb and it came back as stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma with lymph nofde involvement. ER+ and Hormone receptors 8/8. They sent me for CT and bone scan. Bone scan was clear but CT scan showed enlarged lymph nodes in my chest. So I had to have a bronchoscopy. Well guess what, a completely different cancer. And that is where I am now, trying to get my head around that.IF IT WASNT FOR THE BREAST CANCER WE WOULD NEVER HAVE FOUND THE LUNG CANCER. So they sent me for a PET scan which showed nothing they were not expecting, as in no spread. So its very technical but they think there is an opportunity to cure BOTH cancers, which is amazing. They say both are caught early, Im on letrozole and my lump has shrunk a lot, it was about 3cm and funnily enough the 'lung cancer' is 2.5-3cm. They say its lung but my lungs are clear it is in the bottom of my windpipe. So the operation involves cutting the windpipe and bronchus and then doing a Y thing to sew them together. What freaks me out and is probably trivial is that for a week, my chin has to be sewn to my chest so my head doesnt move!!!! Im so scared but they can cure both so Im very lucky. In a few months it could have been a diff story. I have been following the posts on here since Feb and find everyone so supportive and inspirational. Love to all Mags xx

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I'm glad to see you promoting Knitted Knockers, I have one and it is so much more comfortable than the one I got from the hospital. www.knittedknockersuk.com is well worth a look and very easy to order a prosthetic boob from. 

Re: New to This Forum

hI bill-ben,


You will find everyone here so friendly and lovely and good luck with everything 🙂 I havent shed any tears yet,as it has all been a bit of a rollercoaster. I am about to start chemo for 6 months on 29th april following a lumpectomy and lymph node removal.

Like you I am remained positive and shed no tears to date and I insist on everyone around me carrying on as per nomal, including my two daughters.

I will survive is a great song to go with, mine is walking on sunshine and I have been booking concerts and theatre shows,plus going away to cornwall in July, ( they have worked my treatment plan round this ).

It will be along road but hopefully worth it in the end 🙂 xx Ruth xx

Re: New to This Forum

Hi bill-ben and welcome to the BCC forums

Here's a link to information which you may find helpful over the coming weeks to the BCC 'I am undergoing treatments', you will also find reconstruction information here:


Please also feel free to call our helpliners for further practical and emotional support on 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

Easter weekend hours - now closed until Tuesday 22nd April

Best wishes
Lucy BCC

Re: New to This Forum

Hi welcome to the club no one want's to join


it looks like you are getting on with things very well, I know what you mean about not being as worried as you feel you should be.


I also try to have a positive outlook on life and I'm not worried about having cancer so much but was more frightened about the treatment I would have to go through. 


when I first spoke to the surgeon he went on about trying to keep the scar small and hidden and I tried not to laugh. I have so many scars one more will not make much of a difference.  


You could take a look at the thread for knitted knockers on here. That might be something you might use.


You will have good days and not so good days trying to get your head round all this but it sounds like you have started well.  I really feel my biggest job in all this is protecting my emotional and mental health I will trust the doctors and nurses with the rest. Although I will have my say on treatment.


take care





New to This Forum

Hi there everyone. I got my definate confirmation on Thursday and am in the process of getting my head around everything. My biggest worry is that maybe I am not as worried as I should be if that makes sense!! I try to have a positive attitude to most things and at the moment am feeling I've got so that's it get on with it. I suppose being older (58 but still haven't grown up apart from when I look in the mirror!) I am not so concerned about the way I look although I always make an effort to look as good as I can.I've been given several options on the surgery I can have but I have decided I want both boobs off. My boobs and I have never been the best of friends big boobs (and I have a HUGE pair) are highly over rated and to be honest a flipping nuisance! I have the cancer on the right only but having such huge boobs I would have to have radical sugery to match them up so as they have served their pupose in life,to feed babies, I can put life in front of vanity and get shot of them! If I decide to have reconstruction later that could be an option but for now I'll have a pair of falsies who will be known as Bill and Ben the new booby men! I have never been able to wear pretty bras because you just cann't get them in mega size and the masectomy bras I have seen so far on line are so much nicer than anything I have been wearing. I have talked to a couple of friends of similar age and boob size who fully understand how I feel. On Tuesday I have to phone my specialist nurse to let her know my decision so hope they will agree with what I want. I then will hopefully have surgery in about three weeks which I can have done in our local hospital which is still the best part of a 45 mile round trip away but better than going to Exeter which is the best part of 2 hours away! So on wards and upwards and as the song goes "I will survive" I have too much to look forward to not to!