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New to the forum


Re: New to the forum

Hi Jenny From The Block


I'm new to the forum also. I've just messaged someone else cos they feeling all at sea and wondering what the hell comes next!! Its scary isn't it? It seems like a lot of people want us just to slip back into the same old routine when the horribleness has gone... you know... the operation the chemo the radio :(!! I think I've been feeling just the same as you. I insisted on working all the way through my treatment... and they all thought i was so brave... but it was just my way of dealing with it!!! Now its over (3 months since final treatment) I just feel like everyone is taking the weewee... grrrr!!! I hate to say it but everyone from the (much loved) family to my bosses need a kick up the arse!!! I now wish that I'd taken to my bloody bed!!! Sometimes the support just isn't there... my breast care nurse has been shockingly bad.... crap!!! My surgeon went to find her to give her a piece of her mind. My beautiful surgeon and my (very mad) oncologist are the only things that have kept me going :)!!! If I've ranted on too much and I don't hear from you that's fine :)!!! I wish you all the best and hope all is well with you :)!!! Nik xxx


Re: New to the forum

Hi Jenny,
I can also recommend the Living Well course at the Penny Brohn centre. I went to re-jig my head,,, and the ladies i met there and the course facilitators certainly helped me achieve that.
There are days and times when gremlins chatter, but that is a part of life. On my course it was just all people with the duagnosis, but supporters can go too.
Maggies centres are also wonderful calming places.
Am sure one of these mentioned in response to your request may help you gain a new persoective.
For me,,, the person i was is no more,,, but after my daughter having a serious illness 15 years ago,,, the person i was prior to that was also no more.

Re: New to the forum

I've recently completed a Macmillan Hope course designed to get you through those feelings you're having. I was the newbie having been dx sept 14 but there were people 4-5 years on. Definitely worth looking in to.

Re: New to the forum

Hello Jenny

My local breast clinic has Moving Forward sessions. Your local GP practice or hospital could probably find out if there is anything similar in your area that would help you.

Best wishes, Poppyj


Re: New to the forum

Hi Jenny

Sorry to hear you are struggling to move forwards since your DX, is there anything in particular which you are finding difficult? Some ladies struggle with the long term side effects of treatment for example, body image issues, looming appointments or just a fear of the disease recurring.


Feel free to pop back to chat some more if you would like, lots of ladies will be able to offer some support and empathy I am sure.


Naz xx


Re: New to the forum

Dear Jenny


I am so sorry that you didnt recieve a reply to your post.  I think it is probably due to the fact that not many people use this part of the forum.  There is a very active community on our Living with and beyond breast cancer category where I am sure you will find lots of people who have felt just as you do now.


I will also move this post for you now.


Best wishes
Digital Community Officer


New to the forum


i'm totally new to this forum thing, and a little bit nervous. Normally I don't like to discuss my private matters in public, yet, I feel this is the right thing for me to do, if that makes sense? I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, yet I don't feel like I have made any progress with moving forward, does anybody else feel like this? If so please get in touch, or if you have any ideas on moving forward, I would love to here them.