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Re: New to the forum

Thank you Lucy

Re: New to the forum

Hi Toni3t and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support and shared experiences from your fellow users, please feel free to call our helpline. Lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000 and our team are here to support you through this difficult time. They can also offer you further support ideas from BCC including our 'One to one support service', here you are able to talk via telephone or email to someone who may have had similar issues to you, you can read more about BCC support via the following links:



You may also find our 'Reconstruction' publication of interest and here's the link:


Take care


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New to the forum

Hi, like a few of you, I have kept coming on here and have read some beautiful stories written by amazing ladies before actually writing anything myself. When I read some stories it makes me think that mine is fairly trivial.
So here is a little bit about me and my story:
I am 42, have three gorgeous children and a very supportive husband, which makes me actually realise how lucky I am.
I am one of the lucky ones who found out about my breast cancer before it was too late. It is DCIS and although have been told once that it is contained, I find out for sure by my results on Friday from a Lymph Node sample I had a week ago. If this is negative I am to have a mastectomy with a reconstruction at the time of surgery and no further treatment.
Although I will be glad once the cancer is out of me, I am currently facing a difficult decision between the two types of reconstructive surgery which I have been advised and think would be best for me as I am only a small build. These are an expanding tissue replacement or a TUG (taken from the inner thigh) with an implant.
Whichever one I choose I’m sure it will be right for me, I do not like the idea of having surgery at a later date if I am not happy with the results, so I’m sure I will be. I can’t help thinking that am I that vain? It will be only my husband who will see me, on the other hand if a new boob can look slightly better or more natural, should I compromise?
I have posted this also under 'Reconstrive Surgery' but thought I would come on here and say a general "hi"!
Thanks for reading my story x