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New to the forum


Re: New to the forum

Hi Testrix


So happy to find someone in the same place as I am. Lots of support from family and friends but no one knows how you feel unless they are going through it. Hope you are managing with minimal side effects and keeping positive


How do I join you November newbie thread, do I just post?


Re: New to the forum

Hi Mashie - do come and join us on the November newbie thread - I'm day 9 of first FEC too Smiley Happy


Re: New to the forum

Hi Marshie


I'm so glad you are finding this forum such a comfort. I have too.


Do join the chemo monthly thread as June suggests as there you will be with ladies who are experiencing a similar journey.


And ask, rant and rave here when you need to, there's always someone who will empathise.


Take care.




Re: New to the forum

Hello Mashie


Welcome to the forums, I’m so pleased that you are finding them helpful.


Whilst waiting for replies to your post maybe you would like to give our free helpline a call where the staff can offer practical information as well as emotional support. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.


I have attached a link to a thread where the users have all started their chemo this month as you may find it helpful to post on there as well, http://forum.breastcancercare.org.uk/t5/Chemotherapy-monthly-threads/November-starters/td-p/901695


Best wishes

June, moderator


New to the forum

Hi Everyone


My eldest daughter encouraged me to visit the forum as she was amazed at the support everyone gives to each other so here I am and hello to you all.  I am day 8 of my first FECT and have struggled quite a lot this week emotionally more than physically.  I think it has all come to a head as I had tended to get on with things and try not to think about what was happening to me and now it's hit me.  Great support from my family and friends but luckly that have not experienced what we are all going through.


Scared about what's ahead.  Will I feel worse as the treatment goes on, how will I cope with having no hair????

Diagnosed in September, followed by lumpectomy and removal of 21 lymph nodes but only 1 cancerous. Plan is 6 chemo's, followed by radiotherapy and medication.

When I first registered on this site on Tuesday I was amazed at how all of you support each other and are all so positive. Every night when I go to bed I visit the forum to see what you've all been up to and already feel part of the family.


Thank you to every single on of you who has posted as you have saved my sanity.