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Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results


Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

Hey girls... one year on, how are you all?

Turns out I had 2 cancerous masses.. bigger one on left was stage 3 Her2, was one on the right too, 2cm Stage 2 (which was where I thought I felt one 5 mths before!! Stupid GP!)

6 mths chemo over last Summer
Double mx and DIEP recon 28/11/15
Herceptin for one year, tamoxifen for 10.

Six months now since surgery and I just dipped in here to chat to someone and saw this post again... was wondering how you were all doing?

What a difference a year makes!! What a year!

Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

This was my story too, pain in right, next thing they're getting ready for a biopsy on left! Op done, onto radiotherapy now. How are you getting on? Xxx

Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

In the same boat Dinky.
Having the nurse there is standard, don't worry about that (one was there at all times with my consultant. Lovely young nurse, good sense of humour that helped!
I went to GP 5 mths ago asking to be referred. as my breasts felt lumpy to me and just 'not right'. He said they felt normal and sent me packing saying 50 is the age for Mammogram referrals (I am 49), and as he could feel no lump that worried him I got sent packing.
5 mths later I have found a huge lumpy cluster in my left breast.
GP referred me and I saw consultant today.
Mam/ultrasound showed group of cysts PLUS a large suspect mass in left breast AND a smaller suspect mass in right.

She took core biopsies of both and now I have to wait 2 weeks for follow up/ results as consultant is on hols next week!!

What makes all this worse is that the consultant shared with me that the radiographer lady who took the biopsies told him she is 'very concerned'.
Now why did he have to pass that on at this stage? Good grief, as if I did not feel bad enough?
(and here I am wide awake at 3am on here as a result! Can't sleep, and boobs aching from biopsies.
Time for another paracetamol!

Dinky, let's keep in touch through this. Definitely strength in numbers, and nice to know you are not alone!
I get my results on 21st April. Meanwhile I have to be the best actress in the world do my super smart 11 year old son does not suspect. I am lone parent and just lost my mum/his much loved nanny late last year,
I need to somehow get through this without him finding out!! (Told him I had cysts drained today to explain the wrestling ban! Wonder how long I can carry that off?)

Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

Hi Dinky, hoping that you got the answers on Thursday, hope you got on OK xx Heart

Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

hi dinky , i too had a bcn in the room after biopsys, the consultant told me everyone who has biopsys the bcn comes into room, i get my results monday , good luck with your results x

Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

Yes I had the same feeling waiting for the results wanting to have them and also not wanting to know!!!!
I found ringing the breast care nurse was really helpful as she had access to my records and told me things I wasn't told at the appointment. If you're having trouble remembering it would be good to ring yours. If you don't have the number try to Google your hospital and breast care nurse or ring the hospital and ask for the number. I told her I wanted to talk about my visit to the clinic and she looked at the notes and talked me step by step what happened and why.
In my case she told me that I had calcifications on the breast (usually benign) and so I looked them up which helped me understand what the drs were concerned about.
Also you are already being strong waiting for the results 🙂 us women are stronger than we think you will surprise yourself, as I have!!!!! Always here for you and this forum was fantastic for me Xxx

Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

Hello Hannah, 

Thank you so much for your reply. I'm not even sure why I am so worried about the BCN being in there it's just something that kept playing on my mind once I had left, but after listening to others experiences it does seem that your right and it is just something that they do as a security measure.

The consultant said some things to me but I was so shocked as I didn't expect for them to find anything and especially not in that breast that I found it so hard to take in what they were saying to me, all I do remember him saything was that if it is BC it's small so it should be very treatable.

I am very sorry to hear about your results but it's strong and brave people like you that make me feel better (if that's even the right word) about the possibilty of it being BC you are so very brave and strong and I admire that, I just worry that I won't be.

That's very true I would rather them take me seriously and do the nessesary checks and give me the results it's such a scary time in a way I wish Thursday would hurry up so I can get it over and done with and on the other hand I never want Thursday to come.

Thank you so much for your reply and your kind words, and I wish you all the best 

Sending lots of virtual hugs to you to xx

Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

Hello dinky
I am 24 so totally understand the anxious worry when people are taking you seriously when you didn't expect it. I didn't have a BCN at my biopsy but I did have one in the room with the consultant - I think it is generally what happens as a security measure for the consultant - the nurse can check they are saying the right things and there is a witness for any grievances you may have.
Did the consultant give you any indication of what they thought it was?
I know my week of waiting for results was agonizing and unfortunately for me it was BC but I have felt a lot stronger since knowing as I am moving forwards now.
Luckily at 21 the odds are with you and it is unlikely to be BC. But if they have done a biopsy then they think there is a chance it could be cancer so they are making sure that it isn't by testing it.
If you need to PM me feel free 🙂 lots of virtual hugs xx

Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

Thanks Judithvr6, I just got very worried as she wasn't not in the room when I saw my consultant before the scans and fna I just worry so much and I'm only 21 I know age doesn't have anything to do with it but I've no idea what to expect but thank you very much x

Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

Morning dinkyb,


Don't let the presence of a bcn cause you extra worry. In all the appointments I've had there has always been someone else in the room.

Having 2 others there on my last appointment freaked me out a bit but one was a trainee.


Good luck on Thursday.


Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

Thank you very much Lucy x

Re: Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

Hi Dinkyb
Welcome to the BCC forums, I am sorry to read that you have this worry, please feel free to call our helpliners to talk things through on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays

Take care
Lucy BCC

Newbie scared awaiting biopsy results

Hello everyone I hope everyone is okay I'm new here I had an appointment on Thursday after being referred to the breast clinic by my doctor after having some problems with my right breast, I was sent for an ultrasound which confirmed my right breast was absolutely fine but they found a lump in my left breast which I had to have a fna biopsy done on.

So I'm now here waiting for my results from that which I have an appointment for on Thursday I'm very scared and shocked as it wasn't in my "problem breast" when I saw my consultant after having the fna there was a breast care nurse in the room which I didn't question but now I'm wondering if this is usual before being diagnosed? I'm probably thinking to much into things just thought I would join here and speak to others.
Thank you for reading x