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Newly Diagnoised


Re: Newly Diagnoised

Hi Lucy 


Thank you for the information, I actually call the helpline today as I received a letter from my oncologist which I didnt understand - lovely lady on the phone very helpful!


Thank youn 



Re: Newly Diagnoised

Thank you for your post, I think we may be at a similar stage in our journey.

My Chemo starts 14th January, i'm also having FEC T. 3x6 treatments then radiotherapy.

I'm so please i have joined this forum it's nice to be in contact with others who are going through this emotional stressful journey.


Ive never joined a forum before so struggling a bit at moment where to post etc.


Take care 





Re: Newly Diagnoised

Hi Maggie and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk any concerns or queries over, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

Here's a link to the treatments area of the site,where you will find lots information and further support ideas from BCC:


Take care
Lucy BCC


Re: Newly Diagnoised

Hi Maggie.

So sorry you had to join this club.


You do feel sometimes that you are not given correct information.

The experts can only tell you after surgery exactly what is what.

From what I have read on this site.


You are not alone and everyone on this site is very helpful and supportive.

I joined just after 29/10/ 2014.

My tumour was 1.6cm once removed.

They told me it was slightĺy smaller after biopsy.


I was told lumpetomy plus radio initially.

Then SNB showed slight spread in nodes so told on 28/11/2014 thatI need chemo.


When I first heard about my breast cancer following a screening I was gutted.

Crying all the time.An emotional wreck. It didnt help that one of my best friends died a couple of days earlier.p


I am one of those people that have to understand things fully so with help of all concerned, drs,specialists, nurses, ladies on this site, I found out everything I could.

I had my meeting with oncologist las Friday and he really was impressed.


I am absolutely petrifief of chemo - lets face it -who isnt ?

We all have different ways of dealing with things.

I know know what drugs I am going tobe treated with, how, when, where etc.


I hadn't heard of cold cap until I read about it on this forum somewhere so I an going to try that. 


I know a little bit more about what to expect so that makes me feel better.

I wont know how I react to the treatment until I have it. So thats ok. 


My chemo starts Jan 2nd. It is FEC T. 3 sessions of each,  I am starting withe the T first. 

So gonna try and have a good time.

Then feel I am ready.


I hope some of the above helps you.

Any questions just raise on the blog and someone will have the experience to answer you.


I am so glad I found the site pre surgery. 


Take care.

All the very best.




Re: Newly Diagnoised

Thank You Ann for your kind words, feeling up & down on a daily basis, not looking forward to Chemo, its going to be a long journey. Maggie x

Re: Newly Diagnoised

Maggie, You  have had a terrible time. Once your treatment starts you will start to feel better and more in control.  It does come as a shock to the system and no matter who you are or where we all react differently, however the news is still the same and we have to deal with it.  It sounds as if you have support so use all you can get.  Do the exercises it does hurt to start with but definately will get better.  Look out for signs of any swelling and be proactive whether it is via the breast care nurses or your GP.  Be good to yourself, take care.  Anne


Newly Diagnoised

Hi I am new to this forum, I found my lump around my nipple whilst on holiday in September, I was rubbing some suntan lotion, I just thought it was swelling where I had banged myself how wrong I was! I had my Mammogram & USS on 1st October my lump was measuring 6mm. I had a biopsy - painful! Lots of bruising afterwards.
8th October my consultant advised me it was 6mm Grade2 Ductal both my husband & I were in deep shock I can remember crying/sobbing we were told I would need a lumpectomy & radioytherapy. I was allocated my lovely Cancer nurse who then took me for a blood test.
15th October I had a USS to check Lympyh Nodes they showed they were clear. 😊
3rd November I had an injection & also had a sentinel Node Scan, surgery the 4th November.
Surgery went well took about an hour was very unwell with antheseptic so had some anti sickness mess that helped.
19th November back for results this was a shock it measured 15mm & was in the Nodes, so more surgery!
20th November CT & Bone scan which were clear.
25th November surgery to remove more tissue more nodes, results were 17 nodes removed 6 cancerous,arm very stiff swollen lots of numbness but have been told it will get better doing lots of excercises.
Chemotherapy starts 14th January 6 sessions of FEC-T
I have been so emotional over the past few months, hardest thing was telling my children & friends.
Some days I cry for the slightest thing! Days are long when you are home on your own so I'm looking forward in this forum never joined a forum before! X
The Surgeon & Breast nurses have been brilliant! Going wig shopping early January my husband hoping I may go blonde rather than brunette!