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Newly diagnosed Her2+++


Re: Newly diagnosed Her2+++

Thank you!!!!@
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Re: Newly diagnosed Her2+++

Hi Worthalot,
First of all, welcome to the forum but sorry to see you here. Also sorry to hear about your son’s father. There is loads of support from the lovely ladies here so do come & chat or vent whenever you need to.
The most important thing is, you have now been diagnosed & it will now be sorted out.

Please don’t worry about feeling in denial or not taking it seriously, it certainly seems to me that you are very clear about it all & are being very positive & realistic in dealing with it. There is every reason to be positive & you will get through this & get on with life again after treatment.
Having the odd ‘meltdown’ day is quite usual, so don’t worry if this happens, it does pass.

I did not have your diagnosis or treatment, but there are many others here with a similar diagnosis & treatment plan who will be along to advise & support. Also do look at the other threads here, especially the ‘going through treatment’ board where you will be able to chat to others where you are now, as well as those further down the line.
Sending hugs
ann x

Newly diagnosed Her2+++

Hi, I knew going in for testing the diagnosis was going to be breast cancer.  I became aware of the lump in June, and around that time noticed a heat rash that spread quickly across my chest  , it itched and was hot for a good month  or more it seemed. 

I put off getting it checked because of work, and self denial . Than had no insurance , had switched jobs, so that put it on the back burner for few more months.  

I noticed rapid weight loss and mood swings usually followed with exhaustion and sleep for 24 hours. 

So I finally took my head out of the sand after crying for week or two knowing that the outcome was scary . Not only did I know I had breast cancer,  I worried I waited to long and I am a,single parent of a,9 year old son who's father passed coming up on 8 years,ago. I also have a 16 year old from my ex husband. We share joint custody , but he has primary and resides in another state .


The fear of how to fight cancer  go thru treatment and support my household, son and child support plus for my older son. Was leaving my head spinning. 


Leaving my boys with potentially np mother, and one of them an orphan...was not an option.


Once I had the mammogram and biopsy. I was calm and not shaken when I received the results last week that yes we knew cancer.


Now we know Her2+++.invasive ductal with a,level 3,

And stage 2, need,2nd biopsy this,week to see about suspicious lympnoids in the amount

pit . They have said they see cells have traveled from the lump...at 3 o'clock  upwards. They have not determined if the extent of spreading is just beginning or if these suspicious lympnoids are being overrun. 


I walked out if office feeling , ok, not great but not bad . Long road of treatment,  but high success rate.

I will lose my hair , ok I can handle that .

I have expected and believe going for double mastectomy.  With total reconstruction. Not feeling sentimental.  I have had large breasts since young teen, I have had one reduction, lift and nipples reduced once. I wanted something again .

So they have had a,great life, served me well. I am not sac. I don't get sentimental that way.  

But am I in denial or shock still. 

As I read , I worry about chemo and being , feeling sick.


What should I be concerned and worried about? Is there a possibility I am not taking this seriously , or in denial. I am a,strong person, I have had many obstacles and overcome some past medical issue.