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Newly diagnosed and husband's carer


Re: Newly diagnosed and husband's carer

Thank you so much, Tracey, that's a very good start. It's dawning on me that managing my illness and the fall-out is quite a big job in itself!

Re: Newly diagnosed and husband's carer

Hi Marie,

I am sorry that you find yourself here, and  the extra burden of caring responsibilities must be very difficult. Macmillan is a good source of advice about what you may be entitled to in terms of financial assistance. It may be worthwhile giving them a call:




I'm sure that you will get some help and support on the Forum. You may also want to use our Someone Like Me service, where you can get support and advice over the phone, from a volunteer who has had a similar expereince. It can be hard when you are dealing with so many other things in your life to allow yourself the time to think about your own diagnnosis, and the emotions around it. Our number is 0114 263 6490.


Dont forget that our Helpline is open on a Saturday from 9-1pm as well (see above).


I hope that helps a little,



Newly diagnosed and husband's carer

I am newly diagnosed with a grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. Still awaiting outcome of further tests before treatment can begin. My greatest worry is that my husband has a progressive, incurable neurological condition, and I am increasingly becoming his carer. Now, with chemotherapy followed by surgery, I am concerned about what will happen when I am too poorly to support him physically and perhaps even emotionally. He was quite depressed even before my diagnosis, and the news about my cancer has left him distraught.


Has anyone else been in this situation and can advise? What financial and (above all) practical help is available? Can this be lined up before I become incapacitated by the treatment? Sadly we have no family or friends close enough to help out regularly.


Would really value your advice. Thank you!