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Newly diagnosed with breast cancer


Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi, I know how you are feeling I did the same. Have been diagnosed with grade 2 locally advanced with involvement of lymph node (c5). Was seen by the surgeon and a care plan was done (chemo-to shrink the tumour, then surgery which she said would be more likely a mastectomy followed by the radiotherapy. At the moment have undergone 3 cycles of chemo but during these weeks have had CTs,USS, XRays, MRI. They do this because of the lymph nodes, there might be some cancer cells which have spread to either the liver, lungs and bones. I know how you feel all my tests which were done I was not sleeping at all. So not to worry that is the procedure.

Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi Dee, I had the same CT scan done after my breast cancer was diagnosed, I think it's quite a standard scan to do, I also had a bone scan and an MRI scan too. I believe they r basically trying to determine whether any cancer cells have spread further than the lymph nodes.

Waiting for all the results of the scans is the most anxious time, i will send u positive vibes for ur results and hope that they all come back all ok, then u can get ur treatment plan in place and get cracking with it, for me that was a big step in the right direction.

I am half way thru chemo now and so far am coping well with it so fingers crossed the same happens for u


Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi Dee and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry you have this worry, our helpliners are on hand from 9am so please feel free to call to talk your concerns over, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

The following link will take you to the treatments area of the site where you will find lots of information and further support ideas which I hope you will find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi, First time on a site like this and first time with grade 3 breast cancer and lymph nodes. going for a CT scan tomorrow and because they've asked for chest thorax abdomen and pelvic scan  i am panicking ... why such a large area ? what are they looking for. ?  ..I am finding the comments and shared experiences from this site encouraging but i am still so very frightened.  The consultant mentioned the chemo plan the surgery plan and the radiation plan and said my cancer is treatable and I took comfort in that but now that this CT appointment has landed on my plate I am scared again. .I just hope its not found anywhere else. anyone else had such a large area scanned ? Dee

Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi Lorraine, I agree it is the waiting that is difficult. I am having my chemo before surgery to try and shrink my tumor which is 10cm, also have it in 4 of my lymph nodes, like u I am having 6 sessions, one every 3 weeks.

I found out after only a week or so from diagnosis as to what chemo I was having and then started it a couple of weeks later, I am having FEC-T and I am due my 2nd session on 24th July. The chemo definitely makes it all real but so far I have had minimal side effects (just a little nausea and a few days where I needed a nap or 2 during the day). I am still waiting to see whether the cold cap has been successful but so far I have to admit I found that the anticipation and anxiousness of having chemo was worse than actually having the treatment itself.

It's still early days in my treatment journey but all I can do is stay positive and feel lucky that there is treatment for me and at the present time the aim of that treatment is to cure my cancer. I hope u get some more info soon and that the chemo goes well xx

Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi my name is lorraine and I found out I had cancer just after easter and had my first operation on my left breast which was a mastectomy with reconstruction but on monday I have to go back in to have my lymph notes and glands out as the cancer has spread, its the waiting I find hard I just want to get on with it but understandthe reasons behind it I am a little frighten of the chemo and radiotherapy because eveything then becomes real. My mum had breast cancer but the one I have is not the family one I surpose I am just unlucky. How long do you wait before you no what chemotherapy treatment you have to have I know I having 6 lots one every three weeks. Thanks lorraine 

Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi Tonia10, thanks for ur post. I had my first chemo session last Thursday and so far am getting thru it well with minimal side effects. Test results came back ok, there was only one tiny 'hot spot' from my bone scan on my humerous but even after further MRI tests they cannot say what it is because it so tiny (too small to put a needle into to take a biopsy) so for now they r going ahead with treatment assuming it is not related to the cancer so that's what I'm trying to focus on too.
As a family we r getting thru each day and keeping everything as 'normal' as possible for the kids who r def keeping me busy and occupied thru it all. Some of my friends have signed up to do pretty muddy race for life in September as there way to support what I'm going thru so I'm hoping to go along and support them wen they do that.

I hope ur mum is doing ok after her diagnosis, I'm sure ur support will mean as much to her as my families does to me.


Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi, wondered how you were getting on after your recent diagnosis. My mum was diagnosed roughly around the same time as yourself. Be strong and I stay hopeful that you will be ok x

Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

It is a scary time. We've all been there. Nothing we can say could stop you worrying until you get the dreaded results.


However, you are already in safe hands. It has been diagnosed, and they can treat you. If it hasn't spread beyond the lymph nodes, they can cure you, although we all live with the knowledge that it could return at any time. If it has spread beyond the lymph nodes, they can treat you long term. There are members here who have been recieving treatment for secondaries for a decade or more.


You have to re-evaluate your life, I'm afraid. You have cancer. It changes all sorts of things - job applications, travel insurance, life insurance. But you have to live with it.


I was diagnosed in December last year, and my cancer had already spread to my lymph nodes, but luckily no further. I sit here now, with one breast (and all lymph nodes on that side removed), my hair is starting to grow back after my chemo - now about an inch long, but grey, and with finger nails dropping off (also a delayed effect of the chemo), and I'm about to face  3 weeks of radiotherapy starting this Wednesday, but I don't have cancer any more, and I feel great. You have to accept all the treatment they give you and focus on the fact that it will save your life, and give you a future, albeit a somewhat uncertain one.


Live each day with zest. This is a wake up call. Enjoy your life. Don't let trivialities get you down.


You'll see it through. We all do. x

Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Thanks for the replies, my husband said the same thing about Google but I just feel like I need to find answers but usually it's in the middle of the night when I wake up and realise it wasn't all a nightmare! It usually just ends up scaring me even more tho so I think I do need to start taking this advice and not going on google! I think generally I am staying quite strong after my diagnosis by keeping busy with my hubby and kids but these tests for any secondary cancer is the one thing I am really struggling to cope with and usually end up in floods of tears when I think about what the results may be! Xx

Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi, Plant


I second what poemsgalore said, don't google. Some of the stuff out there can scare you crazy. Far better to stick to a site with people who have been through what you are going through and can understand.


I know it's scary, and I know it's a lot to take on board, but you can get through it.


Sending you positive thoughts and mega hugs while you wait on your test results.



Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi Plant,


Welcome to the club that nobody wants to join. Hopefully, just because it has got into your lymph nodes, it won't have spread any further. I had it in one of my lymph nodes and I'm now half way through my first year after treatment and NED (no evidence of disease). One word of warning, DO NOT GOOGLE, just stick to this site, the Macmillan site or the Cancer Research UK site. The information there is far more reliable. Sending you massive hugs and best wishes for all the tests you have had.


poemsgalore xx

Re: Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Dear Plant1979


Welcome to the BCC Forum where I'm sure you will find a lot of support from fellow members.  Waiting for results is a really difficult time.


As well as the support to be found on here you might also find it helps to talk things over with one of our Helpline staff.  They are open today from 10-2 and on weekdays from 9-5.  The number is 0808 800 6000


Very best wishes



BCC Moderator

Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi everyone, I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer on Wednesday 18th June which has already spread to my lymph nodes! I am now awaiting results of my ct scan, blood tests and bone scan (where they also took an xray of my humerous)! I had my 35th birthday yesterday and have to say am just completely terrified what this all means for me, my husband and our 2 children! I have read some inspiring stories on here but in general have found that the more I read up on the internet the more scared and upset I become especially when I read that if it's has spread to bones or other places then it cannot be cured, i don't know if I could take this news! Am hoping that I can find a bit of extra support from the people on this forum and look forward to meeting you xxx