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Newly diagnosed


Re: Newly diagnosed

Hi English Rose and Fairyem, Just a wee message to say I am thinking about you both as you wait for results and have treatment. It can be a scary place to be and I remember it well. The waiting for results and waiting for things to happen is definately the worst bit. I was diagnosed 20 years ago with BC and 10 years ago deveolped secndaries. Yet I remember the early day very well and the distress, upset and anger too. Just to say us oldies may be long in the tooth, but our hearts go out to you and I just want to let you both know you are not alone. My wee girl was just 7 when I was first diagnosed and we celebrated her 27th birthday earlier today. Take courage and don't forget to let us know how you are both doing as the weeks go on. Much love, Val ( Scottishlass).xx

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Re: Newly diagnosed

Hi Englishrose,

How are you doing? It's such a whirlwind isn't it, a big hug for you.

Like you I had DCIS with some invasion, they called it micro invasion to start off with. I think the comments about getting it early refer to the DCIS, cancer starts in the ducts and they have caught it at the beginning if that makes sense, that's good news.

As Chipper says once you have a treatment plan you'll feel more in control and things will be moving forward again.

Take care



Re: Newly diagnosed

hi english rose
My dx was very similar to yours, in that I was recalled after a routine mammogram and had further mammograms and ultrasound, followed by core biopsy. Went back a few days later to be told that there was an area of DCIS and invasive ductal carcinoma so would need a WLE (wire guided,like yours will be ) and sentinel node biopsy. My surgery was in May and my surgeon was confident he got everything out -it was 24mm invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2 with associated intermediate dcis - no vascular invasion and the lymph nodes were clear. My treatment since has been radiotherapy and tamoxifen.
It is scary,the waiting for results and waiting to know what treatmewnt you'll have, but once you know all the facts then you will feel much better able to deal with it,because really there's no option but to get on with it ! Trust me,it's all do-able and bearable. The wire guide doesn't hurt because you'll have a local anaesthetic and if you have a SNB (with nuclear dye) then that really isn't too awful either.
Anyway, really hope your breast care nurse is helpful (in my experience they are great !) and that everything goes well for you -anything you want to know,just ask !

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Re: Newly diagnosed

Hi Fairyem,

Thanks for your prompt reply, it is comforting to know that there are others out there who have experience of what I am going through.

Yes, the hospital have given me a Breast care nurse who is assigned to me. She was very supportive on Friday. But that seems like ages ago, and she can't tell me things that she doesn't know yet. So, yes I just have to wait. Thanks again and 'Good Luck' with your results tomorrow.

English Rose X


Re: Newly diagnosed


Just seen your post and wanted to let you know that everyone on here is a great support and there are a lot of things to read. You are at the most annoying start of things. Did you get given a Breast Cancer Care nurse that you can call?
I am a few weeks ahead of you but I have an invasive ductal carcinoma so a bit sifferent to yours. Had my lumpectomy and sentinal node bisopsy just over 2 weeks ago and get the results tomorrow to know what size, grade etc and the next bit of my treatment. The frustrating thing is you just want someone to tell you exactly what you have what the treatment is and know everything straight away but in reality it is a waiting game and they do need to send stuff off for tests etc. I have noticed that different hospitals have very different ways and orders of doing things.
Please feel free to ask any questions or just rant about stuff.
Sending big hugs and happy thoughts your way.

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Newly diagnosed

Hi every one,

I think I'm still in shock. I don't seem to be able to get my head around what is happening to me. I was recalled after a routine mammogram on the 10th September. There was an area on calcification which needed further investigation. I had an ultrasound scan which apparently could not find a lump. I have not felt a lump, so it was quite a shock when I was whisked away for a core cut biopsy during which several samples were taken. This procedure was a totally new and unexpected experience for me, it was also distressing and painful. I think it all happened so quickly. One hour before, I had quite happily entered the hospital thinking that it would be nothing because I felt fine and hadn't felt any lumps or anything. Now I was leaving the hospital in both physical and emotional shock.

I returned the following week for the results and was told that I have Ductal carcinoma in situ but also that some cells are invasive. Again, I tried to take this information in as best as I could. Although the staff were very kind and helpful all I could take in was that I have an invasive cancer and will see the surgeon the following week.

I kept very busy all week, trying not to dwell on it.
I saw the surgeon last Friday. Because it is a nonpalpable area I will need to have wires inserted into my breast prior to surgery to mark the area to be removed. He said it is about 3cm long. He is going to do a lumpectomy and hope that he gets the whole area, he will also take 4 lymph nodes, but we will have to wait for about 2 weeks while the lab do their work to find out the next step.

I think whats worrying me most at the moment is that I know so little about my cancer. I don't know what stage or grade it is, I don't know if I will have to have the lumpectomy repeated or even end up having a masectomy, and I don't know if I will need chemotherapy. The other thing that is worrying me is that at first they said that finding it on the mammogram was good because the mammogram can pick things up early. But this cant be very early if it's 3cm long already, can it?

I know this is a long 'pouring out' so thanks for reading it, and if there is any one out there who can offer support I would love to hear from you.