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Newly diagnosed


Re: Newly diagnosed

Hi Norma

Yes it does hit you like a ton of bricks. One minute you are walking around all fine and dandy and the next you feel like you are on death row.
After surgery your tumour will be sent to the path lab were they will do a battery of test and find out what sort of cancer you have. this takes time hence the 10-14 days of hell waiting. But then they know what treatment will be best for you.
Hold in there - you will feel much better once you have the results and know what you are facing = the uncertainty is the worst.

Good luck, keep posting


Re: Newly diagnosed

Hi yes it is a whirlwind of information that happens around you and difficult to take in. Your treatment plan will depend on firstly the hospital you are at and also the cancer you have. At this point you should have had the operation explained to you, you can ring up your breast care nurse and speak to her over the phone or book an appointment for her to explain what will happen to you. They are often much better than the doctors in this respect! Generally you have surgery, then maybe radiotherapy or chemo therapy or visa versa. Some women escape chemo depending on the size and stage of their cancer. Some women then have hormone therapy which is a tablet you take every day for 5 years. This is only suitable for women who have hormone sensitive breast cancer. There is a lot of info on this site to help you. Try not to worry too much, make sure you take someone to every appointment who can write down the information for you and ask any questions you have written down.
Best of luck and keep positive, there are lots of women in here to help x


Re: Newly diagnosed

Dear Norma,

Please accept our apologies that this post has not been replied to before now, unfortunately this has been due to technical problems with this website. I do hope you found some support when you needed it. Our helpline team are here if you do need to talk to someone in confidence on 0808 800 6000, calls are free, lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

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Newly diagnosed

Hi All

I was diagnosed on Thursday with BC , I am going in for an op on Wednesday and I am worried sick. I dont really understand it all.
How much information do they give you about what they have removed after the op, or do they tell you nothing until your appointment 10 days later ?
Some help would be appreciated.