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Newly dignosed

Community Champion

Re: Newly dignosed

HI Vickie, welcome to the forum.....the place where nobody wants to be but everybody finds invaluable once they are here. I'm sorry to hear you've just had a diagnosis, was this based on a biopsy and mammogram? have you been able to talk through a treatment plan yet?


I'm afraid I don't know about the 'dizzy' thing and a connection, as to be honest I felt absolutely phsyically horrible after diagnosis with headaches, aching all over and generally unwell.....but that was stress and anxiety. When did you start feeling dizzy?


Have a read around, of the boards you think are relevant to you, and carry on posting on this thread if you want to talk any further, as we are happy to help where we can (others will be along soon Im sure). We are at all stages of bc on the forum, those who had it years ago, those who are currently diagnosed and those in active treatment - there will be threads to suit all needs.


Newly dignosed

Hi, there I'm Vickie, just been told I have breast cancer secondary in my lympth node, the cancer has made me really dizzy, wondering if anyone has noticed the same..... we have a large family history of breast cancer and mostly younger.... I'm 44.... my mum and my sister have both been affected.