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No More Surgery


Re: No More Surgery

AGHHGHHHHHHH ! Just typed out a long reply and lost it !
I'm on the same boat as you and didn't quite understand the tissue expander thing at first, the surgeon told me I'd have a silicone implant and didn't mention tissue expander. Anyway, I had mine on 7th August and have had 1 fill, which matches my 32a other side. I've been offered more fills and silicone on the other side, to match and replacement of the tissue expander with silicone implant or I can stay as I am, as mine is a permanent one. These ones are more expensive. I am like you and, after. 2 major ops in 3 months, I don't want any more at the moment. My advice is, speak to your breast nurse. If yours isn't permanent, you can probably wait a few months before having more surgery and that op would be less major and have a quicker recovery. I still haven't made up my mind, but will wait a bot to decide. Good luck Z

No More Surgery

Hi Ladies


I'm new to the forum and was wondering if you could help me with something.


I had my mx and immediate reconstruction with tissue expander on 1/July this year, and have had 2 fills to my implant, this is quote uncomfortable, especially the first few  days, but after that not too bad.


When I went for my consultation with the surgeon  before my op, I told him that after the above op I did not want to go through any more surgery so to pick the one that would best suit me , I have had a few major operations over the  years for different things so did not want more  than I  had to have done, so we opted for the tissue expander.


On my last fill they started to talk to me about this only being a temporary implant, and I will need the permanent one fitted and also my other breast lifted, so you can imagine how I felt coming out of the hospital thinking I have to have yet another op.


I have been told that this is not the case , I can keep the temporary one if I want, so is there anyone out there that has done this  please, I would love to hear from you and also what you think of the results by doing this, I have always said that as long as I look OK in a bra/cloths and I have a cleavage I would be happy.


I know I will have to make a choice on this, so could really do with some advise please ladies