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North London/Herts meet up


Re: North London/Herts meet up

Hi Ladies Woman Very Happy,


I'm Stevenage based - not sure if I will be up to a meet up as I'm on weekly chemo atm, but I will sure make an effort if there is another meet up planned....


All the best,

Pen x Heart x

Re: North London/Herts meet up

Fantastic Tournesol, I'll leave this up another week and hopefully we'll get some more replies and then we can arrange something suitable for everyone.

Hope you're well?

H. Xxxxxx

Re: North London/Herts meet up



I'm in North London and might be interested depending on where and when. I've been going to the BCC organised meetups in Central London but it would be nice to have a more local option too.



North London/Herts meet up

Hi ladies, anyone living north london - barnet, Enfield, herts - chesthunt, Potters bar etc willing/able to meet up occasionally for support/laughter and general gossip? If so get in touch either by pm or on this thread and we'll see what we can do. Just thought a monthly get together would be good but it would be driven by what we feel.
Take care,
H xxx