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North London in the house !!!


Re: North London in the house !!!

Hello all

I live in South Tottenham North London and i would love to meet someone that lives close enough to me to meet up and become friends as i am very isolated with this. If that could be you please send me a private message.

Tricia xx

Re: North London in the house !!!

Hi Chery, do you want to join the starting chemo in april thread? we are a lovely bunch.  I have just had FEC No 3, and starting T next month.  So keep posting and let me know how u get on with the T.  I am a bit worried about it tbh.  Have had FEC at my little local hospital with the outreach nurses.  But have to have next 3 at the main big hopsital, just in case of adverse reactions???? whatever they may be.  Good luck and let us know how you get on.  Join the Starting chemo in April thread, lots of ladies in there full of good advice and can uplift your spirits when your down.


Val xxxxxx

North London in the house !!!

Ok start all over again!!! Something happened all my typing disappeared.


My name is Marie.  I have nick names Sharkbite for when I had my masectomy in Feb 2015.  I was diagnosed with Grade II right breast cancer and had an axillary clearance too.  Im call CheryBlossom instead of Pip whilst I have no hair which I must admit i am embracing as my face hasnt changed lol.  


im on Chemo #4 tomorow starting the T part of the FEC-T which means blah blah blah.  Im a bit daunted by this as Im already feeling achy.  I had a portacath fitted my right arm cant be touched as many of you know but now my left feels worse so using my right lol.  Oh does anyone elses feet hurt and my big left toe has swollent for some reason. <big sign>.


Enough moaning 🙂   Thank you for a place to vent and comfort during the life challenge.  God bless and keep you smilling xxx