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Now I am even more worried...Help.!!

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Re: Now I am even more worried...Help.!!

Hello Paula,
I have been going through similar problems. And have just had a bone scan,CT scan and a biopsy on a lump that has come up in my armpit.
I think the worsening back pains (I have deterioration of the spine shown by previous xrays before BC) and shoulder pain which started before BC diagnosed are mainly due to Arimadex which I am now on but I am really glad the oncologist has ordered these tests as it is on my mind the cancer may have spread.
I go for results this coming Thursday.

My thoughts will be with you until you know. Dont despair. Cry if you need to and then look at your blessings.
best wishes

Re: Now I am even more worried...Help.!!

Hi Paula

If you feel that it would help to talk things through with someone in confidence, please call the helpline on 0808 800 6000 which is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and today 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Re: Now I am even more worried...Help.!!

Hi Paula I have back pain in exactly that place[though not severe]and it is exacerbated by lifting my 20 month old grandson.I too feared mets as it was post chemo and I am triple neg.I was told by onc and GP that I could expect more aches and pains post bc and as it hasnt worsened it is almost certainly muscular in my case.Your fracture sounds very painful and I hope you get some relief soon.Whenever we get any little thing we go into panic mode.I always think of cancer first not as an outside chance,and I think I always will.All the best,Valxx

Re: Now I am even more worried...Help.!!

Hi Paula

I am so sorry you have to go through this. Unfortunetly now we have had BC - we can not have any else wrong with us that will not involve full investigation. I am sure the bone scan is just a precuation - they would not be doing there jobs properly - but it does not make us feel any better. I still say waiting for the results is the hardest out of this damn journey.
It sounds like your GP and Chiro are having simialr thoughts, so I am sure that is what it is.
Our minds start to go into overdrive - and we can not think logically.

Good Luck and let us now how you get on.

Please take care, love

Anne x

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Re: Now I am even more worried...Help.!!

Hi Paula,

I too went for a bone scan two weeks ago. For as long as I can remember, I've always had problems with my back mainly Sciatica but also between my shoulder blades and I know I have Spondylitis in my neck.

My Mastectomy was June 7th 2007 and since being on Tamoxifen, I felt that my back problems have worsened. My Onco sent me for the scan just as I precautionary measure. He said, this is what you are here for, for us to keep a check on you, so I'm not overly worried if he's not. He felt it would be highly unlikely that any Cancer had spread to my bone, it is - he said - a very rare thing to happen.

I'm still waiting for the results.

Try not to worry.....easier said than .....I know.

Take care
Linda x

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Now I am even more worried...Help.!!

Hi Ladies

I just feel sick now in the pit of my stomach. I have been seeing a chiro for back problems which she believed were all mechanical alot due to lifting my toddler etc and perhaps down to the position I was put in when I had mastectomy in Feb this year.

I askedher to write a letter to my Onc explaining what she has found and see what his reaction was. He just sat on his chair and said "I am not worried you have back problems no alram beels ringing but I can send you for a bone scan but I wont send you as urgent as I don't think there is anything to worry about".

Anyway it felt like it was getting better then she did some hard stuff on it and I have suffered quite a bit of pain to the point of having some painkillers.

I saw my lovely GP this week and she said its all muscle issues with a boney head rib that seems to be sticking out a bit.

Sorry this is a bit long......

So on the recommendations of my chiro I had a back x-ray yesterday and the findings are that I have a compression fracture on my T5 thoracic vertebrae. This is normally from trauma like a fall, or something. Now I have this it is putting one of my ribs out of place so causing the discomfort. She now says that she is very convinced it is still mecahnical but is writing to my Onc to see if he will speed up my bone scan. She also said that cancer takes a long time to show up on an X-ray.

So of course now I am so scared that this is cancer. I was only dx in Jan this year grade 3 , 25mm tumour triple negative with 2 lymph nodes involved. I am half way through chemo so this is nothing to do with rads.

I have hardly slept as I am thinking this could be a more cancer....the tears keep coming and I am trying to hold it together infront of my toddler, daughter and ever positive husband who thinks why do I always think the worse...!!!!

When she wrote the letter she said it was a thoracic dysfunction and rhumboid problem. So she was pretty close but of course nows its a compressed fracture will that send alarm bells ringing.

I did have a fall last year before all this but never felt any pain. I had a slight pain under the shoulder blade before my Mastectomy and then when I rested it was all ok it was only when I went back to picking up my baby, pushing him in pushchair getting back to "normal life" that this got worse.

Sorry I will stop now as this is pretty long.....!!!!

P xxxxxx