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In 2004 when I was going through treatment I went to St Thomas' Hospital where I met Nyra at a support group.I've been thinking of her tonight as she had a list of things she wanted to do before she died one of which was to go to the village where Midsomer Murders was set. She also wanted a pink sports car and to wear clothes she liked which weren't typical for a black woman. She worked in a housing association in south london before being diagnosed.


She also had a caravan home in Hastings when she realised she wasn't likely to live to get a mortgage. I'm watching Midsomer Murders now and her name came to mind. I'm sorry she died of breast cancer, she didn't suffer from self pity. Some of her sisters were jealous of the attention she got from her mother who came to England to help her when she was ill. It's a rum do sometimes when your family turn against you. I hope she's in heaven now looking at Midsomer Murders from up there.