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Odd question on boob size & rads

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Re: Odd question on boob size & rads

I don't think so. I am fair skinned and I was worried about burning and was told it goes through your skin and everyone gets the same as in a dose is a dose. What alters is how many you get 15, 20, with or without boosts. 


I have had my planning session and they put you on a board and measure you, mark you, give you breathing instructions and if it is your left breast see if you are able to hold your breath for 20 seconds. That moves your heart out of the way while they blast you and if you can't they have to use  shield.


Re: Odd question on boob size & rads

Hi Beth, don't apologise for your question as we all put on here or ask about anything that worries us. I'm also big busted so it would be good to hear an answer if anyone has one. take care, Sue x


Re: Odd question on boob size & rads

Hi, it's a very good question and I'm sorry I can't help but Im really interested to see what the answer is xx

Odd question on boob size & rads

Hi ladies

i have my first onc appt on the 2/11 and I thought I'd ask a question that I've thought of on here, before I embarrass myself in my appt!!

I am a 42E cup and although the tumour was only 12mm in size, it was over 6 cm in and almost on my chest muscle. The surgeon said it was a challenge to get out and commented it was like looking for a haystack but having to make the Grand Canyon to get to it!! Cheers!

anyway, my silly question is this.....as my breasts are on the large side, and my tumour was so far in, will I get an increased level of rads side effects as the radiation has to go so far to get to the site where the tumour was? Please accept my apologies if this is an absolutely ridiculous question but it is amazing what pops in to your head when you're laying in bed at night, unable to sleep! I try hard to count sheep or think of nice things, but I can't stop these questions popping in to my head. Sorry.