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Oh the joys - bladder issues

maggie aitken

Oh the joys - bladder issues

My chemo regime, AC, is noted for irritating the bladder, and as side effects get stronger as treatment progresses I suppose it was a matter of time before irritation began to be an issue. Especially for a more than ample 64 year old!


From a minor issue, requiring care and cleanliness, to the start of what could have been nasty, took place really quickly - overnight in fact. Warm damp weather wont help I suppose. 


But - drinking cranberry juice, though it is sugary, really does neutralise acidic fluids, removing one of the causes, and it acts fast too.


Then, in conversation with Boots pharmacists for confirmation of what I know already, nothing like plain yoghurt, liberally and often applied, to reduce inflammation and heat. Savlon or similar antiseptic prevents any infection setting in, and the seriously scary issue of broken skin in such a singular area has been avoided. 


Now, today, we have avoided infection, thank heavens - clean underwear every time, clean cotton, minimal soap in laundry and dried outside if possible, same for towels, lose the panty liners (to encourage airflow), lots to drink and close watching.  Better than even more antibiotics and even more side effects,  and embarassing examinations.  But still, take a sample to Doc , just to be safe.