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Oncology appointment


Re: Oncology appointment

Hi x

Went for results and Tuesday and thank god he did further tests x I have agressive cancer cells on the move and now to start chemo for six months x feel very upset at
Mo as he planted seed that tablets only and for my mind set on this and not chemo x

Re: Oncology appointment

Hi I went for results on Tuesday and he said tabs he adamant I did not need ought else x went out of room for two mins come back and it had all changed they sending my tumour back to be tested and to go back this coming Tuesday x just the waiting want to get the ball rolling and life back on track a little x

Re: Oncology appointment

Hi Stedie, Just read this tread and wondered how you got on?

I was diagnosed with grade 2 Lobular breast cancer in January and had Mastecomy and reconstruction, no nodes involved. I was told initially that as it was hormone receptive that I would probably just need Tamoxifen, maybe radiotherpy if the oncologist thought fit. I had my onology appointment and walked out needing the full works including chemotherapy. Once I'd seen the graph which showed the benifits of each treatment together or alone it seemed much easier to make the decision - my attitude is to get rid of it first time 'Belt and Braces' approach, but this is not for everyone. My cancer was 5cm, so quite large , this is why I also need radiotherapy to the mastecomy scar - just in case, unfortunately as I've had a re construction I will now need the implant replaced when my treatment is finished.


I have read threads on here where younger ladies have been allowed 'Baby Breaks' from hormone treatment so maybe this is an option for you too..

Sending you all Hugs, Linda xx

Re: Oncology appointment

Stedie you always have a choice.  Tell the doctor your plans and they can take steps to protect your fertility. 

Good luck


Re: Oncology appointment

Hi thank you for your replies x I have been doing some research or trying and I have appointment tomorrow x I am going ask not for the tablets and something different I have been with my partner two years and have had to cancel my wedding in June x we was thinking of a baby so not bothered about going brought change but like you said if it will help me I have no choice but will be gutted x

Re: Oncology appointment

Hi Stedie,


I have put for you below the link to BCC's publication 'Treating breast cancer', which I hope you find helpful.




Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Re: Oncology appointment

Hi Stedie


As Keeks says, every case is different and treatment is tailored to suit you,   I am sure your oncologist will put your mind at rest as to what is best for you.


My understanding is that if someone has a mastectomy then they don't need radiotherapy, (not sure if I am right on that tho)  I had a WLE and sentinel node biopsy which is usually followed by radiotherapy.


Wish you all the best


Jaye x

Re: Oncology appointment

Hi Stedie


If you are unsure why the doctors advised no other treatment other than the pills I would ask them to show you the figures.


they decide on our treatment based on research and it's tailored to your individual cancer. So your friend's cancer could have been completely different from yours.  They can give you figures based on your cancer and different treatments.


I was advised to get WLI and radiotherapy this has the same results as a mastectomy but I was not offered the choice. If you really want a treatment you can ask for it but if they explain why they have not offered other treatments it might make it easier for you.


I didn't want hormone therapy but I am going to give it a go after the oncologist showed me the percentages. 


Give the helpline a phone after easter or speak to your bc nurse and they can explain it all better.  


It's all a worry isn't it.


take care



Re: Oncology appointment

Hi just seen your post I am looking for a little advise x I had a double mascetomy three weeks ago . My results showed no lympth nodes involved but it hormone fed. The lump was 30mm and spreading . My problem is they are saying I will have to be on tabs for five years and no other treatment hopefully if oncologist agrees I am worried cause don't want it to come back and my friend did get back on this treatment not to be negative but can you request further treatment or not if you would know at all xx

Kind regards


Re: Oncology appointment

Hi Keeks


Yes another step forward and it had been said in letter to my gp that I would need radiotherapy and hormone therapy.  I'd decided i was going to question the hormone therapy as it was something I really didn't want unless he could come up with a definate need for it but I was very fortunate that he said it wouldn't be of benefit.  So today was a definate high and we don't get many of those in our journey.


Sounds like your hospital is a distance away.  I am lucky to be about 15 minutes away but have to go about an hour early to queue for the car park which will be a pain when I start radiotherapy.


Best wishes

Jaye x

Re: Oncology appointment

Hi Jaye. Thats great news you don't need hormone treatment. 


I had my first oncology appointment on 4th and got the appointments for my planning along with all my rads within a week. Had the planning appointment on monday and start rads on 28th. 


I really feel things are moving along, I'm sure once we start the time will pass quickly.  Wish I didn't need hormone treatment.  But I'm not going to start until I have fully recovered from rads. 


I had a fabulous day when I went for my planning session.  The sun was shinning,  fields full of lambs and we had a picnic on the way home.  

it's those days when things go well that make it all bearable. 


Take care



Oncology appointment

I've been to my oncology appointment today.   I was really worrying the last few day as it was at another hospital and was worrying what the consultant would be like and obviously the outcome.

He was very nice and discussed everything so that is yet another hurdle over - it's 6 weeks now since I had my WLE and sentinel node operation.

Back to the waiting game again as I am having 15 radiotherapy treatments so the next appointment to wait for is the planning appointment to pop through the letterbox.

I came out smiling as he said that hormone therapy wouldn't be needed as it would have minimal effect on the type of cancer I had.


Jaye xx