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Oncotype DX question


Re: Oncotype DX question



I know this is an 'old' question but I've had a bolt from the blue on this question recently


After clear margin , lumpectomy and SNB showing no node involvement I had the standard 15 fractions of rt with no indication whatsoever for chemo (predict score 1.4) I saw the oncologist who said the oncotype score has come back at 40 and I therefore need chemo for 21 weeks.


Frankly I'm shocked that the two scores are so wildly different


Oncotype DX question

There are a couple of threads on the forum about the Oncotype DX test, covering a wide range of questions and queries but I have one that has not been mentioned yet for all you lovely ladies who have had this test.


How did the Oncotype results relate to the NHS predict results? 

A few of the ladies comments appear to relate to similar details of my cancer pathology and ended up having the chemo but the NHS predict results gave me a high survival rate. My surgeon is using this to predict the Oncotype results to be returned with a low score so Chemo not needed.


I appreciate every case is different and other factors like age are taken into consideration but if you happen to know your Oncotype DX score and NHS predict percentage it would be interesting to understand the coloration.


Thanks ladies