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One Day Younger Women's Forum - Birmingham 20th November


Re: One Day Younger Women's Forum - Birmingham 20th November

Hi mrs
Here's the younger women's forums calendar, Birmingham may be accessible to you, please call on the number quoted for further details:


Take care

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Re: One Day Younger Women's Forum - Birmingham 20th November

does anyone know if there are any more of these forums planned further North (Leeds/Manchester/Sheffield?)

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Re: One Day Younger Women's Forum - Birmingham 20th November

Hi Poppy
I also went to the london 2 day. and i loved it. it was everything mia said. it is def well worth goin.
hope you make it and have a great time as i did.
kerry x

Re: One Day Younger Women's Forum - Birmingham 20th November

Hi Poppy,

I just went to the one in London and would really recommend that you book yourself on if you are interested.

I booked onto it whilst still having chemotherapy and figured that it would be a good thing to do afterwards before going for my next op in November. I was interested in this because at the breast cancer centre, the chemo unit, and a wonderful gathering with some friends from an online forum; I always meet lots of older women and no younger women (which is understandable given that covers 80% of cases). I figured that this was a great opportunity to meet up with some women my age who face similar challenges to myself around return to work (vs retiring on grounds of ill health), fertility, body image and recon at a young age, etc.

Initially I was a bit surprised to find the forum was run over a couple of days rather than one day - but now that I've been I can understand why! We were put up in the Mercure Hotel just down the road which was very nice (although the walk there from London Bridge was tiring for me with my suitcase, I did manage it so am quite proud of myself for that).

I've been a bit of an aggrophobe during chemo (partly due to feeling so crap weeks 1 and 2 that week 3 I just filled with some people coming to visit me rather than going out as I was too tired). To go from that to a room full of about 30-40 women was a little overwhelming but again, I'm proud of myself for throwing myself into the situation.

I was very pleased with almost every session I attended; the professionals giving the talks were excellent; there was a good amount of sharing from everyone in the breakout groups (including a mix of tears and laughter). I obviously can't talk about the detail of these as the sessions were confidential. What I can share is that I went with some aims in mind and all of these were achieved.

I felt a little disconcerted by the end of the first day when I realised:
(a) just how few 'triple negative' women there were present (managed to count 3 other than myself)
(b) just how few BRCA carriers there were (one other than myself).

I found the second day more enjoyable in terms of the sessions. The ones I got the most out of were the ones on 'sexuality, intimacy and relationships' and 'moving forward'. The former was quite an emotional session for many and I think would have benefitted from being an entire day on it's own as there were so many areas we wanted to cover and just not enough time to do so.

One of my realisations with the 'moving forward' session was that I'm actually quite happy with the split of things in my life at the moment. I just need to swap out all the cancer/hospital stuff with work when ready to go back; and to look into negotiating a contract of reduced hours after the phased return back as I don't really want to work full-time again if I can get away with it financially.

In summation, this service provided by BCC is most definitely worthwhile and makes a real difference to helping young women with everything from coming to terms with their diagnosis through to moving forward with life after treatment. If you've thought about going yourself and haven't, or know someone who might benefit; I would 100% recommend attending.

Hope that helps 😄


Re: One Day Younger Women's Forum - Birmingham 20th November

has anyone been on these before, i like the sound of it

One Day Younger Women's Forum - Birmingham 20th November

We are holding a pilot one day Younger Women's Forum in Birmingham on Saturday 20th November. This is a one day version of the successful two-day event; the forum is open to anyone aged 20-45 who has been diagnosed with primary breast cancer within the last three years.

There will be guest speakers, workshops and discussion groups that are there to guide you through a wide range of topics specifically related to younger women with breast cancer. The forums provide high-quality information on essentials such as fertility, intimacy and relationships, lymphoedema, talking to children and more. You can also find out about healthy eating and exercise in relation to breast cancer.

It’s a great opportunity to share thoughts and feelings with other younger women in similar situations; the forums offer a private place that is informative and supportive, with time to socialise.

For more information contact the Specialist Services team on 0845 077 1893 or email .