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Only just realised in classed as young!


Re: Only just realised in classed as young!

I was 42 when diagnosed and spent my 43rd birthday having a CT scan and having biopsies taken from my armpit! I joked with my oncologist that one of the only plus side of having breast cancer was that I was being referred to as "young" again. I hope it all goes ok for you. It has been 8 months since I finished treatment and trying to get back to normal its hard work but I'm determined to get there x


Re: Only just realised in classed as young!

Hi tracey,

Age is a funny thing. As a female runner at 35 you become a vet. First time mothers at 40 are classed as old. But for bc you are young. No matter, it's how young you feel inside that counts 😉


Chemo advise. I had 9 doses years ago. 1 every 3 weeks. I don't know what it was, no-one told you anything back then.

From memory I would say don't expect to be totally useless every day for a while after but also don't plan on doing much. After a few doses I realised how I would be doing one day to the next, I went from feeling ok but sick to fully ok to then spaced out for a few days (definitely no driving!!!) to back on the planet but really achey for a day before feeling fine for another 2 weeks.


My mum came to stay for a week after each of the first few doses then only stayed the Tues-Fri to take me to treatment and be with me while the OH was at work. I had/have no children (being diagnosed at age 29 first time round).

I guess she cooked tea etc though actually I can't remember.


I would recommend trying to get friends/family lined up to help in what ever way is needed to start with then see how things are for you.

If there isn't anyone you can call on then certainly a bit of forward planning of what meals to have (depending on how handy in the kitchen you can get hubby to be).


All the best. It's not too bad but make sure you give yourself time to deal with it...


Broken bones, surgery scars and you (and others) can see that you need time to heal. Chemicals that kill off weak cells also bash your whole body about. There can be no outward signs (I didn't loose my hair) but you still have a lot of healing to do.





Only just realised in classed as young!

Hi all

I'm 40 yrs old and didn't realise I was classed as young!!

I was diagnosed on 4 March with loebular cancer in right breast and some cells in nodes . I decided on a masectomy, which I had done on 26 March. A week on and not feeling too bad. Have a 5 and 3 yr old to keep me busy and my biggest stress is getting hubby turned into a domestic goddess!!!

I go back Wednesday next week to get results following masectomy. Should then get my chemo plan and this is the bit I'm dreading. Heard such awful things about side effects of chemo.

My ct scan also showed a slight scar on liver. Hosp said they were not concerned it was anything to worry about but have done an MRI just to rule it out. I'll also get results from that wed and so scared it is something . I think this is because 3 docs including breast cancer specialist kept saying I had a benign cyst, so I'm not too trusting !

Are there any good tips to help mentally and physically during chemo?

Happy Easter