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Op in morning


Re: Op in morning

Yes, it's a horrid waiting time... In fact mine was three weeks and you have so many ifs and buts running around in your head, sorry i can't say otherwise.

The snb was my first ever op, so it was a trial run for my big surgery and I learned a lot that was useful. Luckily, my four nodes were clear so I didn't need treatment other than surgery. Wow, it's exactly a year since my diagnosis.

You may get a bit of swelling, my dressing pulled like mad because of it, so i had it changed after a week. It was a nuisance not being able to shower Or drive for a couple of weeks, and my arm was a bit stiff, but it didn't actually hurt. Best of luck, I do hope you get a good outcome...the snb is a marvellous op compared to the old ops where more nodes than necessary we often taken.

Best wishes,

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Op in morning

Hi, I'm having Sentinel node biopsy in morning, not too worried about procedure but really really anxious about possible reults. Can't seem to move away from 'what if..'. Two weeks is long time to wait to see if cancer spread.