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Our Gang! Come chat!

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Oh my dear I wish I was with you so that I could give you the hug in person.  This is a horrible time but you will be fine tomorrow and you are right the experts will look after you and this time tomorrow you will be the other side of it.


Loads of love and hugs


Helena xxxxxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

No words Emma,  just a huge hug xxx


And our feral cats to amuse you 😂



Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Hi all

I am sooo nervous I feel sick. I know it has just got to be done now and I have to hand myself over to the experts. It has been such a long wait and now I am here I am terrified.

the nipple injections were fine and I felt better when I was actually in the hospital which is weird. I know they know what they are doing but can't settle to anything. Trying to tidy up but just keep walking round aimlessly. 


Strudel I am so pleased your scan is back on. It must have been so annoying to have the cancellation.


Emily I do hope you are ok. It's so strange without you on here. We miss you!


Thank you all for such reassuring messages. 

Will probably come on again later when I can't sleep but going to try and g some things done now xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



hey xx  sending you a hug xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Sorry guys, I am here. I've been reading and with you, just not posted. Felt a bit flat the past few days and can't snap out of it. Think it's being in limbo waiting again. 


Your cats are gorgeous,  I love cats, we had one as a Kid.  Actually I love all animals lol! We have 2 (un) feral cats at the yard. 😂 both are just daft and will come for a fuss and purr their heads off ❤


Glad you have your scan tomorrow now stru xxxx


Emma huge hugs for tomorrow hun xxxxx I didn't have blue dye, just the radioactive injection, I was told if it works, then they don't need the dye.



Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Oh they are beautiful, loving the names.  I had two cats many years ago, one was called Tiger, he was a ginger and white tom, the other Lady, she was such a snob even down to not using the litter tray if it had already been used, she used to sit looking at it with her two front paws together glaring at me.



Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



That will be the journey to and from that is now starting to tell on you, good idea if you can get someone to drive you, it will give you some reprieve from it xx


Well so far so good, a few red areas but it doesnt look as if anything is breaking down, I put E45 on at night before I go to bed on the area under the breast as I am thinking that I have no covering on so it cant get moist and will help to keep the area moisturised.  THe breast itself seems to be ok and the nip area isnt looking too bad at all. 


I have not slept in the afternoon for the past two days so that seems good, was a bit pooped this afternoon but I have been down helping my brother in his new flat, so perhaps overdid it a bit, I know I am going to be told off now, but it has to be done, I have to find out what I can and can not do.


Helena xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Have a lovely evening with your son xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



THe power of getting upset on the phone, it should not be that way, but at least they have taken on board how much they upset you xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Thank you so much for explaining the breath hold Jane. Completely understand what you mean about having a part to play in it all. I think I'll be having rads either with or without chemo first, so it's great to hear everyone's experiences. 



We seem to have a few cat ladies here so I'm going to try and post some pics of our 2. They drive me nuts and keep me sane at the same time 😁


This is Flearoy Brown




And this is little old lady Baggins





Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Struggling to keep up with you all - was going to say sorry about your scan stru, but then I see its back on! Everyone seems so upbeat, and I should be happy as nearly half way through my radiotherapy but feeling quite down today.  Tiredness has caught up earlier than last week - was in my nightie at 6 last night!  Think I might have to take up friends offers of lifts to the hospital next week.


Sarah - it's funny how the anxiety suddenly comes over you - I was looking for some either counselling or complimentary therapies on line this morning, after Jo saying about it, and I suddenly found myself in floods of tears.  I've never been an anxious person about myself, and I'm hoping that at some point I'll be able to move forward more positively.


Susan - are you sure your not pregnant!!! The anaesthetist asked me the very same thing just as I was going down to theatre!  My husband was still with me at that point and said if I was it was nothing to do with him!!


Ali - you are an inspiration - hope you are still feeling ok today. Love the picture of your naughty little cat.  Do your cats go out, or are they house cats?  


Lexxy - my breathe holding!  The hospital where I'm having my rads has a system where I had to have a trial using the equipment. This consists of a mouthpiece a bit like a snorkel, a nose peg, and goggles on which you can see a computer screen.  Initially they monitored my breathing, and the maximum time I could hold my breath and my lung capacity.  They then worked out a percentage of this, and on my screen I can see the base line and my breathing.  A green line then appears and I have to take a breath in to this level and hold it, until a red button is lit.  I've been told if for any reason I breathe out too soon the rads stops then restarts to continue with the correct dose.  I did have to stop one day as the mouthpiece came out!  I'm finding it ok, and quite like the fact that I have some control and I have a part to play rather than just lying there.  The staff are all lovely, and I've had no waiting.  In fact today I was taken through early.


Emma - you will be very much in my thoughts tomorrow.  I had very blue wee and my whole face had a blue tinge - in fact they kept putting me on oxygen as they thought I was lacking oxygen until someone checked the monitor and I was at 100%!  I know this wont affect you but my breast is still as blue as it was 8 weeks ago.  Think I might be one of the lucky ones that gets to keep it for ever!!!  Looking quite pretty at the moment, blue with red spots!! 


Helena - how's your skin holding up. Thought about you earlier as was just flicking through the tv channels and noticed the bowls was on.  


Jo - sounds like you're all ready for Monday,


Em - where are you?  Hope you are doing ok and not working too hard.


if I've missed anyone I'm sorry! 


jane xx



Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Thanks Silver. Ooh, let me know what you thought. I loved the last one x

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Excellent news Strudel - good luck for tomorrow.

Sarah - how was the microwave.

I'm out this evening, I'm going to the cinema with my son to watch the new Star Wars film. It's something we do quite often, but we haven't been since I was diagnosed.

I hope everyone else has a lovely evening.

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

I would laugh at you Ali only I was forever spraying hairspray under my arms pits!


Hospital's phoned. Scan's back on for tomorrow. Yay. 





Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Hiiiiii, thank you ladies for your kind words ... again!! Lol xx

I am feeling a bit better again now, made myself go out and bought a birthday present for grandson number 4 who has a birthday this coming Sunday and also a new microwave 😂🙄

Susan, I'm glad you mentioned Emily as I was only thinking last night, she's disappeared for a couple of days ... EMILY .. where are yooooouuuu??? xx

Going to test the new microwave ... speak later xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Hi Sarah - that's exactly how I feel, I'm cancer free, I am fit and healthy - why do I have to go through more crap. You still have a chance that you won't need chemo, I really hope thats the case. I should hear soon when I start mine. But, if you do need it - we will be here going through the same crap.

Strudel - What a bummer, did they say when they can next do the scan?

Cheri - Hi and welcome, I also read that scans aren't necessarily routine. I had a CT scan before I had my mx, but that was because they wanted to check it hadn't spread first.

Hahaha - Ali LMFAO - do I need to face mask my head when it becomes bald?

Jo - Lincoln loves that he has my attention all through the night, but I don't mind, as long as he gets better. I might be joining the February chemo thread myself as hopefully I will be starting soon.

Emily - are you o.k.?

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Ali, you have really made me laugh!  I read somewhere that haemorrhoid cream is good for underneath the eyes...not going to try that one though 🙂


Sarah, do come over and join us on the February starters.  It really is good to chat and you will get advice from others who have started their treatment already.  I lurked on the January thread for a while and although I'm technically a January starter (30th) I thought that I'd be really be closer to the February thread.  There are a few of us on there now and some good conversations going on.


Jo xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Strudel, what a complete pain.


Sarah, I'm so sorry you're feeling worried. I know chemo is a given for lots of us, although since I assumed everyone with cancer has it, I'd have been shocked if I didn't. (I knew so little, less than two months ago).  It has honestly been entirely manageable for me so far, so try not to stress too much. I know that's easier said than done. I'm not sure if you've joined the February chemo thread, but I know Jo is there. It's always good to have a group of peers to hold hands. If yours is starting after February it's still worth a lurk in earlier ones. 


So I thought I'd share my highly klutzy moment this morning. I'll start by confessing that I'm slightly high maintenance on the beauty front, though not compared with lots of people in London. So I've always worn spf on my face, I used to spend time and money on my hair(!) and I wear individual false eyelashes that I apply myself. On the other hand, I'm rubbish at taking make up off at night, I moisturise intermittently and when I'm at home I'm happily make-up free. I don't have facials or anything, but I have been a bit of a sucker for expensive creams and masks. 


When I thought I was going to die (ovarian cancer scare at the same time as finding my lump), I decided I should do some sorting out. That included collating all my expensive creams and lotions into one place. (There were other things I did, including labelling one box with the words, throw away and don't let the children or my mother look in here, I'll leave those contents to your imagination). 


So, having realised I'm not going to die, at least hopefully not until I'm 90, I thought I'd make better use of those creams. Being bald doesn't half expose your skin, and there's about 50% more to worry about. So I have been creaming, oiling, masking to my heart's content. I've been oiling my scalp each night with a facial oil that is made from roses. Though at the price I paid, once it runs out I'm switching to baby oil.  The skin round my eyes is looking a bit crepey (as Vogue so charmingly puts it), so I've been paying that extra attention. I've been using a cream on them nearly every night, tiny pot, again smelling of roses. 


It was only this this morning that I clocked that the cream on my eyes didn't really seem to be sinking in properly. Probably because I was having a lie in with time to mull. So I got my glasses out to check what my little pot of eye cream said. And it turns out, I've spent two weeks putting lip balm around my eyes!!! Told you it was klutzy.


Have a lovely day, and feel free to mock.


Ali xx


Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Oh Strudel that is pants! I know it can't be helped but it really is rubbish 😞 Big hugs and hope they re-book you quickly.


Emma, the sentinel node injection is a small quantity of radioisotope into the areola around the nipple.  It's quick and easy...don't worry too much.  I was told not to cuddle the children for too long afterwards because I was still radioactive but didn't have to keep completely away from them.  The 1/2 life is fairly short so it soon dissipates. I didn't get a blue boob because I'd had a mx but I had mildly blue cheeks, very blue wee and bluish-green poo (sorry, too much info there but it had to be said because it gave me a bit of a shock!).  Good luck tomorrow...you'll do great! xx


Hello Cheri, welcome to our barmy gang!  I don't think it's routine to have a scan, it depends on your personal diagnosis and symptoms so please don't feel like you've missed out.  I'm sure that you will get everything you need but if it reassures you then ask your consultant.  I'm sure he will explain things to you.


Ali, cats! What can I say.  I have 3 and a Beagle.  I can't tell you how good it's been to have them around over the last few months. My cats also drink my water given half the chance!


Susan, I loved my sofa post mx.  It was so comfortable to doze off in front of the tv and I spent a few nights sofa sleeping before I went back to my bed.  I bet Lincoln loves the company.


Hope everyone is ok today.


Jo xx




Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Strudel - nooo, that's really rubbish - did they give you any indication of how soon you will get booked in again? xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Oh Strudel I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to give you more to worry about!! It's Christmas that's held mine up I think, just bad timing. Sorry about the scan being cancelled, I hope you get another date through quickly xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Morning all. My bone scan has been cancelled. Had a call from the nuclear dept - staff shortages apparently. He was very apologetic. I'm really upset, this back problem has been messing with my head since diagnosis and I'd finally got to the stage of getting an answer when they pull the rug.

Emma, no doubt you've having the radioisotope injection today which is really straightforward. I'm sure I'll be back later but if not massive good luck for tomorrow.

Lexxy, I'm not sure then that I will get my results so quickly if you're still waiting as I believe they all go the same place? Hey ho, something else to worry about.

Love the pic Ali. Rather partial to a cat, I have two 😊

Hello Cheri. I haven't got a clue I'm afraid as still going through treatment . I did read in one of the leaflet publications on this site that scans won't routinely be ordered. I thinks it's the after treatment leaflet.

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

****** it got bleeped!!!!! 😀 X

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Hi em, mine was also the nipple injection that Susan mentioned .. well it's just next to the nipple (mine was anyway 😀) it is the injection that helps the blue dye find your nodes .. the blue dye was injected on op day whilst I was under general anaesthetic.. the blue wee is very interesting for a few days 🙄😂 .. the lady who did my nipple injection also said that she had heard if you cry, you have blue tears too!!! Bizarre I know!! One more sleep ... I'm so with you as I'm sure we all are for tomorrow .. xxxx

Well ladies, I haven't a clue why but I've woken up all anxious this morning ... I'm thinking it is because I have been on such a high since last fridays results day that I've suddenly realised that **bleep**!!! (Hope it gets bleeped) I could still need chemo .... why???? Do I feel like this?? I'm so far cancer free but bloody hell, now I may have to endure more crap. ... bleugh, bleugh, bleugh ... fed up this morning 🙄

Hope everybody else is ok and I can't even think who has got what today (apart from emma)

Sarah xxxxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Morning Ladies,


Can I join you for a coffee.


Seeing my oncologist tomorrow, I'm a year post chemo (but not radio theraphy) so throwing down a marker.


To date I've not had a scan...my question, have you? is it rotuine? should I ask? 


The thought of reoccurance is always at the back of my mine but has a habit of creeping to the fore.


Mines an Americano with hot milk on the sideSmiley HappySmiley Happy





Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



They injected the blue dye when I had my op, I had to go to the nuclear medicine unit the day before to have the same injection as Silver the day before, apparently this was a clear liquid which assisted the blue dye.  Watch out for the lovely effects of the blue dye, wee etc and your "blue" boob, it is usually only at the side of the breast and will be around for quite some time, it does fade over the weeks but I still have mine albeit it very pale now.


Helena xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Ahhhh Ali, he's lovely. Our little old lady cat has taken to mewling a lot now and wakes us up with her shouting every morning.

Strudel I hope the scan goes well today and glad physio was ok. I'm pleased you will get your oncotype results so quickly. I've been waiting since 22nd December.

Emma, will be thinking of you today for the injection and I hope you got some sleep.

Ann and Jane, thank you for your replies RE: the rads and breath hold. It's something my Stepmum's BCN mentioned and they do that technique at Coventry which is where I would be going.

Have a good day everyone, I'm taking my fella out for a huge cooked breakfast this morning then we'll be visiting the hospital as his Mum was taken in yesterday. We do joke that he never takes me anywhere nice these days, always a hospital 😁

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Ali - that's a lovely way to wake up.

I'm still downstairs sleeping on the sofa with Lincoln - he shakes his head really loudly at 6.30am every morning to wake me up.

When you mentioned 'Funny Lady' as being a good compliment. were you referring to THE Funny lady, Barbara Streisand? I adore her films and her music.

Strudel - Good luck for your bone scan.

Emma - 1 more sleep to go. Good luck today.

Have a lovely day my lovely ladies.


Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

So much for my plan to sleep in.  Woken at 6, by this beauty who fancied a drink. I thought I'd share my (not very bad) start to the day.



I hope everyone has a good one, Emma and Strudel think of you both especially.



Ali xIMG_1217.JPG

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!


best wishes for tomorrow.....xx. You can tell us all about it  on Saturdayxxx


love and a special hug,


Moijanxx💝😍...thought this last might match your pillowsxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Sorry Lexxy was replying to Susan when you wrote your post

thanks for the reply. I'm not sure now what the plan is. I've got BC in both sides so will need nodes on both highlighted. My appointment is at 10.30 so I'll be clearer then I guess

just getting really nervous about the op and panicking about every little thing! 

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Emma - love your ditty. Good for you babes ❤️

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Hahaha Lexxy - on the old thread, there was a long, funny conversation about being smurfs, blue tits & flat chested blue women from Avatar 😂😂

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

I'm going to learn from the experts and do the same 😂 

This is not the time to be worrying about doing the right thing

I'll do what I want and take what I need 

need to be more BC warrior and less BC victim 💪 😂😂

So good to pick the brains of those who have been there 💕

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

I had the injection the day before. As I understood it, the little bit of radioactive material goes in the nipple and then leaves a trace which highlights your primary lymph node. The wait after the injection is for the material to move through and then they do a scan. I was given my scan to take to the day surgery with me.

If that works, they shouldn't need the blue dye as they already know where the primary node is, so I wasn't blessed with the 'smurf boob' as my Stepmum nicknamed hers 😂

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

I took a large sports bag & kept it on the chair next to me 😂😂 in the ward.

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

That's good advice. I'll pack them then. There is quite a lot of pressure not to take too much stuff as there is such limited space but you need what you need. And want to be as comfortable as possible.

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

I took the heart shaped pillow with me & used it straight away. They may make you feel more comfortable while you are awake & sleeping.

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Yes just done it tonight
Think I've got everything
My heart shaped pillows are ready to collect from the post office so I'll keep those for when I get home

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

My dye did, so I would assume yours will.

Have you packed your bag yet?

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

I might be having the same. It is nuclear medicine. So the dye will actually go in whilst I'm under on Friday then.
Thanks for the encouragement. I'm feeling really jittery tonight 😳

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Before I had the blue dye injected (whilst I was under) I had to go to Nuclear Medical to have an injection near my nipple which helped the dye work. I just assumed that it was standard procedure, but I didn't know about it till the day. It really doesn't hurt, if you do have it done. Good luck for tomorrow, I will be thinking about you.

Susan ❤️

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Hello lovely bonkers and naughty ladies

loved the posts about getting pregnant very funny


What is the nipple injection Susan? I'm having the blue dye put in. I thought they injected it at the side?


Sarah I will be in for 3-5 days as having double mx and tissue expanders.


only 2 more sleeps

can I fast forward to Saturday please?

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Ali, good to hear all is going well with your chemo. You seem to be dealing with it all well. I have my first EC on Monday so hoping my experience isn't too bad. I'm just wanting to get started now! I have my wig and everything 😂

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

You all appear to have gone totally bonkers!


Physio was fine. Very knowledgeable physiotherapist but she's given me so many exercises to do I'm not sure how I'm going to fit them in and I'm not actually kidding.


No news on oncotype yet Sarah. To be honest I expect my onc to phone me when it's in - hopefully to gloat about how right he was. He said it takes two weeks which would mean this Friday or maybe a day or two after.  


For or those of you who've had the bone scan, how long before results?



Community Champion

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Sorry to have caused some gate-crashing confusion, it's Helena, she just seems to keep jumping out whichever thread I come to!  You are a really upbeat lot on here....I like it Man Very Happy (I'm not a man, contrary to this emoticon)

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Thanks, Susan. You couldn't pay me a better compliment.

Sarah, I'm reasonably upbeat, not least because it's not nearly as bad as I expected. I have a mild headache, which isn't enough to take a paracetamol. I'm peeing bright pink, and I'm tired, but that's probably down to three late nights and the work I did this week.

My first visit was about three hours, this time the PICC line took 20 minutes and the rest was two hours. One word of warning, Guy's are pretty disorganised. I have never had to wait less than 30 minutes and some appointments have run more than an hour behind. I'm determined not to stress (although in other circumstances I would complain/walk out). But I wouldn't recommend planning anything tightly timed afterwards.

But slight caveat, I'm having EC. Do you know your type of chemo yet? Sorry if you said earlier in the thread.

Ali x

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Helena, it's great to see you on such good form. You should go for that spa break. A girly night away will be great and you can have a treatment or two and be spoilt. I'm really enjoying having time to myself and time to be a mum. I'm usually so busy and although I wouldn't have chosen this route to get time off, I am getting a few positives.

Jo xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Ali, you sound very upbeat about the whole chemo experience .. can I ask how long you are there each visit?
Sarah xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Honestly Ali, you are awful 😂 I laughed out loud at your post, so had to read it out to hubby who also cracked up.

I'm so pleased your 2nd chemo went o.k. Veggie TV is a must with BC, I'm sure I saw it written down as one of the rules.

Have a good evening my funny lady.