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Our Gang! Come chat!

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Gorgeous pic, Alex. Great to see you looking so well.


Hope everyone is having a good day 


Ali x

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!


Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Just popping in to say Happy Weekend to all you lovely ladies. It's cold but sunny here and we've been completely lazy and about to venture out for some brunch.

Sarah, I so know what you mean, roll on Tuesday eh πŸ˜‚ Hope you're feeling OK hun, we'll get through it together, whatever the results say xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Um!! that is a tricky one I can understand why your mum is worried about telling her but also how you are feeling as well about not being able to xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Helena, she's 94!! She had a stroke earlier in the year and fell and broke her thigh 2 days before my op! Shes recoverred well though. She just has trouble with word finding and following instructions. The fall was frustrating as she was really good on her feet and we could take her out and about, now we can't get her in the car.

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Oh I forgot about the "grey" look, I remember when I came home my partner got such a shock at the way I looked, my friend who had been with me all day said, this is her looking better, you should have seen her earlier!!  A lot of the palour of your face is to do with the anaethetic as well. 


Oh the going to bed knackered and waking up a couple of hours later with the world banging at your head!! I have always found that when I wake up with all sorts of stuff going on in my head, I would get up and write it all down in a book, that way I would remember things especially if they were questions I needed to ask or things to remember to do, after that I would go straight back to bed and sleep. I think it helps as the things you are thinking about are than out of your head.


Hope you are or have managed a lie in. there is so much to take in at the moment, just process it in small chunks so that you give yourself breathing space.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Ha ha, I have known that one, you get to know your limits πŸ™‚


Oh dear, you really are in a quandry there.  Have you explained to your mum the way you feel and why you want to tell her?  How old is your nan and how do you think she would respond to you telling her or not and her finding out accidentally.  I know its different but when I was diagnosed, I did not tell my mum until after I had my results as I wanted to be able to tell her definitively what was going to happen, she was not happy with me for not telling her before but did come round after we talked a bit and understood my reasoning, she is amazing now.  She does not live near me and is 83 so I was worried about telling her as it would have to be by phone.


Helena xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Morning all πŸ˜ƒ just a chilled night last night but should have stopped at ghe 2 glasses lol! 


Hope everyone is OK,  Emma and Alex how you feeling?


Elizabeth, it does get better. I didn't sleep for a while, then all I did was sleep. Your body catches up with itself.  


Can I vent something I can't say to anyone else?  We haven't told my nan about my BC, my mum didn't want her to worry and I TOTALLY get that but I also feel sad that she's not there for me. I've always been really close to her, she was a 2nd mum when I was small, looked after me when my mum was at work and was always at our house or out with us. Now i feel like i cant talk about half my life and I have to watch what I say all the time πŸ˜” I know that sounds selfish but I just needed to say how I felt. 

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Good morning ladies,


I guess you had a good evening last night Emily? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Sarah - pictures of your boob please.  I'm not getting a nice, proper mx bra with pockets until my seroma has gone down, as the boob isn't exactly the one I need, so I am waiting. I love my boob, but it does make my seroma ache by the end of the day.


Elizabeth, the waiting is horrible, even after having surgeries on here, all of us have now been waiting for results and start dates.


I hope everyone has a good day today, we are having a BBQ and everyone is coming round. It is always so much fun when we all get together. (This is the BBQ we were supposed to have on the 4th Jan, but hubby was too ill)

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Sallyann thank you for your reassurance. I have said to my mother & fiance that we have to find some sort of normality in all of this. I'm so glad there are others who understand. Heading out later on my own for a bit of retail therapy & fresh air to calm me. Sending you & everyone on here hugs xxx 

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Aaah Elizabeth ... the 2 and 3am cups of tea .. my hubby and I had a few weeks of being awake in the early hours ... it seems so cruel that after we've thought of nothing else all day that we have to then not even get a full nights sleep .. I'm over that now, and you will too ... some sort of normality does come back ....
However, I'm on the waiting game again and have an appointment on Monday that will give me my next form of treatment so the waking up anxious is with me again .... I'm pretty sure that Mondays appointment has to be the last one of being given news ... I bloody hope so ...

Happy week end to all ladies xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Can't get back to sleep & once again I'm wakened before the birds! I've no trouble falling asleep. I wonder if this is going to be a regular wakening up in the wee small hours type of thing...My mind is buzzing with everything that is going on right now in my life. My mother suggested us going shopping together today. Told her to just go on her own as she likes to be out early & as I thought I'd probably need a lie in


Ladybowler, yes I was told about my wee being blue & also that I'd look grey for about 24 hrs! 

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Emily πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo far out of touch with this thread and I have had 2 glasses of wine so you aren't going to get a very sensible post from me πŸ˜‚


Thank you all sooooooooooooooooooooooo much for my birthday wishes I've hack a lovely day.  Half day at work, went with my mum to see my nan  (who is in a home after a stroke and a recent fall) and she was really up beat and properly my nan today, it was lovely, you don't need presents on days like that!  My mum got me a marks voucher so I could be measured ancient get some new bras. I've had horsey gear and a nice top from my nan.😊 then I rode and now I have chicken and chips in the oven! Tomorrow my sister and her husband are both coming and we are all going out for Indian.  Perfect! And keeps my mind off Monday! 


Bombastic Sarah,  photos? πŸ˜‚


Emma and Alex hope you are doing OK. 


Everyone else, love ya'll ❀❀😊😊

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



The ladies at work called me a "blue tit", Did they warn you about the blue wee etc as well?


Wlll let you off the bed making one, I did it as well before my op.


Before you know where you are you will be awake and back in the ward again xxx Good way to look at it πŸ™‚


Let us know when you can how everything is going


Helena xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Happy birthday Emily


Ali1961 My operation to remove lymph nodes will be on Monday morning. I was informed by my Bcn that my breast would be blue for a couple of months & when I told a friend she said I'd be a smurff! I liked her humour & think that's 1 of the things which will get me through this. I got tearful this afternoon as it was my last day & there seemed to be a queue of staff wanting to hug me! Left work & went to Primark to buy 2 pretty scarves in prep for losing my hair once chemo starts in just over 2wks time 


Lady Bowler I promise I will do something for myself but I need to change the beds before I have op on Mon. Being put to sleep scares me but I think I will just try & think of it as an extra rest that day xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Emma and Alex - how are you both?? xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Ali - I would love travelling to work by boat .. that sounds like my idea of heaven .. not dat in a car in traffic jams at 8.30 in the morning .. can't say I'm missing the travelling to and from work xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Yessss!!! I have a new boob ... it's smashing it is .. very comfy and nobody would ever know that I was a one boob lady πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

Gosh, just been trying to catch up with everybody
Jo and pam - you're both nearly there .. woo hoo!! xx

Susan - sorry to hear you are feeling a bit flat, I've had a few days just like that ... hope you have something nice planned for weekend xx. Ooooooh nearly forgot, I'm going bra shopping on Sunday!! Exciting times 😏

Emily - what are you doing for your birthday weekend? Happy birthday again xx

Lexxy - it's nearly Monday!! I can't wait for it to be Tuesday .. haha xx

Strudel - have you stocked up on your required items for rads? Hope you are ok xx

Jane - enjoy your 2 days off xx


Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



How did it go today?



Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Hello Strudel

Sorry I missed your question about the Physio! I'm seeing her every two weeks and have been given a set of exercises to help to keep my shoulders mobile, and to help strengthen my core. I'm meant to do the exercises three times a day, but with all the travelling to rads and being so tired, I always do them once but aim for twice!! The cording in my armpit is much improved, but the cording below my breast is much the same unfortunately. I have found that my underarm feels tight this week, and wonder if it's a side effect of the radiotherapy. I do lots of gentle stretches, both while lying flat and standing, reaching up the wall.

Different centres give different advice for rads - I was told to use simple soap, to wash gently and pat dry, and then use E45 at least three times a day. All to go bra less whenever possible! I keep telling them that I've turned into a new age hippy and haven't worn a bra since surgery - quite like the unrestricted feeling really! I also bought some 99.9 percent aloe Vera gel and keep that in the fridge and I put that on as soon as I get home after treatment. This week I have been told I can apply a tiny little bit of 1% hydrocortisone to sooth the itching, and I'm also taking a daily antihistamine! I've been told like Helena that my skin is holding up well, but it is really quite red now and feels tight just like if you've had too much sun.

Pam - lovely to hear from you - you're not far behind me then - I've done 15 out of 20! My friend had thyroid cancer three years ago, and on my diagnosis she said she had been told her risk of a breast cancer was slightly higher than normal, although she only has the normal three yearly mammograms so the risk mustn't but too high.

Lexxy - thank you for your kind thoughts - not feeling too bad but sitting with my feet up now. I've just taken the dog for a walk, given her a bath and that's me done in for the day!
I did venture out without your bubble wrap, Susan!

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Oh sending you a hug my friend xx


Lovely weekend to look forward to. 


I saw my counsellor this morning which was lovely and actually voiced my fears to her of this coming back, even though I was told it was caught early and they got it all, all of a sudden you realise how vulnerable you become after finishing but I am absolutely remaining positive I have voiced the fear and now I am just going to get on with living my life xxxx


Oh that sounds a lovely weekend away.  I am glad the rads are going well, only 8 to do, you are so nearly there and we will be ringing the bells for you very soon.


We do worry when one of us is not around for a few days, arent we a soppy lot πŸ™‚


Helena xxxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Happy birthday πŸŽ‰ Emily.

Welcome home Emma.

Strudel, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend but so pleased for you. Great that you can now move forwards and things are back to being positive.

Elizabeth, make the most of this weekend and good luck for next week.

Ali, you have to be THE most glamorous grandma. You look absolutely stunning.

I know I haven't mentioned you all but haven't deliberately missed anyone, just find my little brain can't quite keep up.

Love and hugs and hope we all have a lovely sunny weekend.

Jo xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Oh you are all far too busy for me to keep up with! Lovely to read through your posts and try and catch up. It's making me feel so positive seeing how far through treatment people are getting and makes me realise how far we've all come in the last few months. I'm feeling a bit emotional! You are such a fantastic bunch xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

What a busy lot!

Helena - help!!!!! I've just read your post about soap and deodorant etc. I haven't been given any advice about those things. I start on Tuesday, please can you assist with what I am and am not supposed to be doing?

Emma, yep, totally get where you're coming from. My OH was brilliant but we don't live together so he could get away from me. On a practical level he couldn't do enough for me but I can't really talk to him or my family about fear. They shut down, don't want to contemplate losing me so can't hear it. Fortunately I have some very good friends who will let me express myself without ramming "positivity" down my throat on wobbly days. And there's here.

Pam, I didn't realise this was your second bout of cancer. I'm so sorry.

Jane, still want to know how your physio's going!

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Wow cant believe you are already 75% through, we will be ringing those bells for you very soon.  My breast suddenly went very red when I thought I was doing well so thats probably normal, just ask your rads team to check it, whenever I did they just would yep its ok holding up well and it is as we would expect at that point. 


It is natural to be worried about how you will cope, I was, and I remember sitting at my desk thinking what am I supposed to do now, but it soon came back.  Be careful about gong back to work and make sure that you do not do more than you are supposed on a phase return and remember this can be reviewed so if it is too much you just have to say.  I am going to try and do 18 hours next week but if I cant I will just say, I normally do 25 per week and the plan is to get to that in the next couple of weeks.


Helena  xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Happy Birthday Emily! Hope you have a fab day!


Happy New Boob day Sarah! I hope it goes well πŸ™‚


Emma so nice to hear you are home. As hard as it is, try to relax and not worry about anything but getting plenty of rest, tough I know, especially for us control freaks! 


Jo, really good to hear that you're feeling well.


Helena, hope you have a lovely relaxing day.


Ali, I'm so jealous of your boat communte to work, that sounds so lovely.


Jane, sorry to hear you're feeling sore today, hope today goes well and then 2 days off!


Big friday hugs to everyone x

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Hi everyone well I'm on session 12/20 today...having a few bad days about the cancer diagnosis until October I'd been cancer free for 14 years ..thinking why me again..seen oncologist last week and she said it's no wonder I'm feeling like this..although both hormone related they're not linked..my nuclear medicine consultants gonna be shocked at Liverpool in June when I go and see her...still off work at least till 1st March..I work on a till at morrisons...the radiotherapy is going well up to now fingers crossed no burns..just getting a few headaches.was given my tamoxifen on Monday on plucked up courage to take it this morning as was dreading the side effects..just don't know where the days are going sorry I've not bobbed on no sooner I'm back from school run its food brew and out back after lunch ..then dinner and school again.weve just booked a long weekend away on the 24th Feb to Northumberland to chill out and try and relax..I'll try drop by again soon..sorry if I worried you xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Happy Friday one and all - can't wait for my two days off radiotherapy - it's actually gone so quickly and after today's treatment I'm 75% of the way through! Boob looked OK yesterday, but I've woken up this morning and it's bright red and feels really swollen - thought it was holding up too well!

Ali - just looked back at your picture - your scarf looks amazing and your grandson looks adorable - and how lovely going to work by boat. My daughter lives in London and she has to fight her way on the tube to her work near tower bridge!

Elizabeth - hope your last day at work is ok - I'm sure your colleagues will all keep in touch and you'll be back before you know it. Now it's time for you to concentrate on your treatment and recovery.

Sarah - hope you come home with a new boob you're comfortable with - not many times you can say that to someone!

Alex - I can't believe how little bruising you have - I only had a WLE and was black and blue - in fact I still have some bruising and I'm 9 weeks post surgery!!

Helena - hope you're managing with your increase in hours - I'm beginning to think about my phased return now. I love my job, but for some reason I'm a bit worried about how I'll cope with it at the moment.

Sorry to hear about your acquaintance Strudel - I think us having a BC diagnosis makes hearing news like this more upsetting than pre diagnosis if that makes sense. My neighbour had bowel cancer last year - and when my oh told him about my diagnosis he cried - made me realise the emotional impact of ever having cancer.

Love to you all.
Jane x

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Morning everyone


Emily - Happy birthday to you, I hope you have a wonderful day.


Susan - The simple things in life, I have been able to shave my arms, use my own deoderant, shower gel and spray perfume all over πŸ™‚  I am post post rads as of today πŸ™‚ :). 

sorry you are having a flat day, right this is the day to lie on the floor and stamp your feet and scream "I dont want to" out loud, I give you permission to do it xxxx


Elizabeth - make sure you take some time over the weekend to do something lovely for yourself not just housey stuff, it will still be there after your op darling.


Ali - oh to be able to go by boat to work every day, that would be lovely, hope you have a good day


Pam -  I was thinking about you this morning as well, how are you


Em - absolutely fab that you are home but DO NOT try and do too much too soon, you need to rest and recover now my dear xx


Everyone else love and hugs to you all.


Well this morning is absolutely beautiful here, the sun is shining and for the first time in ages I have not come down stairs and immediately put the fire on πŸ™‚ Am of out to see my counsellor but apart from that I have absolutely nothing planned, I am gearing myself up to working more hours from next week to get back to my normal pattern.


Have a lovely everyone


Helena xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Thank you Jane

that has made me feel so much better. Your point about the cup of tea says it all! I just need to chill and let things settle xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Dear Susan - I just love your updates - i think they removed the memory part of my brain along with the lump, so it's good that you can keep us on the ball.

Sorry to hear you're having a flat day - you must be so frustrated to still be waiting for a start date. I found that I'd be ok waiting for news etc for a couple of weeks and then every waking minute would be filled with thoughts of what had still got to happen. Keeping my fingers crossed you'll get home from work tonight to a letter.

Big hugs to you.
Jane x

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Oh Emily I'm sorry

just came on for a grumpy rant and hadn't seen it was your birthday!

have a great day πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŒŸπŸΈ xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Emma - so glad you're home - its always a bit strange coming home after a hospital stay - I think as much as you are desperate to get home you feel a bit vulnerable for a few days. Don't forget it takes a while for the anaesthetic to leave your system too. I remember being frustrated that I couldn't do as much as I wanted to - and couldn't understand why my oh was unable to read my mind and make me a cup of tea when I wanted one without me asking first!! Enjoy some time with your daughter later.
Jane x

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Happy birthday Emily πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸΎ hope you have a lovely day.

jane X 

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Good morning ladies

I'm home!!

came home last night in the end. Drains whipped out and I was on my way

lovely to be home but takes a bit of adjustment. Just realising how much I can't do but I know that will change quickly. OH was with me at the hospital when they told me I could go (having said it would be Friday) so he just waited and brought me back. Problem was he hadn't tidied up and go it ready as he wanted! I think he felt cheated out of yesterday evening and is crashing around this morning making sure I know how hard it is for him! It all feels a bit chaotic and surprisingly stressful! All these extra battles are so tiring! My daughter is coming over after work so I think I might encourage him to pop out for a drink to give us both some space!!

i feel a bit disloyal as he has been pretty amazing but I thought I could have a little whinge amongst friends!


i think I may have shared before that I am a control freak so this relying on everyone does test me somewhat!! I know I just need to relax into it and let everyone help. I've got some good books and some good books and some good telly to catch up on so not all bad

talk to you later xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Happy birthday Emily πŸŽ‚. Hope you have a really cracking day.


Happy boob day Sarah. Couldn't find a picture for you!


Happy home day to Emma and happy Friday to everyone else and good luck to Elizabeth!


Susan - hugs. I'm sorry you feel flat. It's the waiting again it just does it to you. I know I haven't done a scrap of treatment yet, apart from tamoxifen, but yesterday was the first day I truly felt like it's going to be over. I know the date on which it ends and you have neither that nor even a start date. It's very, very hard. We'll be waiting for you on the wall xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Good morning Ladies,


Strudel - You had such good news, surely it could have lasted for a few more hours. I'm sorry about your friend. It's brill to hear that Charlo is doing so well and why wouldn't she be concerned about you - you are a lovely lady.


Emma - I bet you can't wait to come home today.  How are you?


Helena - How are you today, anything exciting for the weekend?


Ali - you need to tell us how you wrapped your headscarf.


Alex - your new boob is amazing, I can't believe how little your bruising there is.  Mine was all the way across from the cleavage to the armpit, down my ribs and covered half my other boob. I was a purple Tinkiewinkie.


Sarah - New boob today - have fun trying them all on.


Lexxy, Sarah & Emily - hugs, not long until Monday.


Jo - I hope you have another lovely day today.


Jane - I was looking at my huge pile of bubble wrap yesterday and for some reason, thought of you.  I hope you are feeling a little bit better today.


Pam - How are you? We haven't heard from you for ages.  I hope you are o.k.?


Elizabeth - Enjoy your weekend, you will feel so much better after your operation. We all did, a bit battered and bruised, but it is a brilliant feeling knowing that the BC lump has gone.  I went back to work after my mx 4 weeks later, I was working from home at the computer after 5 days.  So, you could be back with your little work family sooner than you think - if you want to.


I am having one of those 'flat' days (as Emily calls them) sometimes my positivity just abandons me for no reason and I feel exhausted and in a 'I don't want to' mood. i.e. I don't want chemo, I don't want to lose my hair, I don't want to feel sick - you get the picture.


Have a lovely day my lovely friends.












Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Emily, have a lovely day.


Elizabeth, your work colleagues sound lovely, hope today is ok for you. Are you having an op next weeek, or into chemo first?


Strudel, even if he isn't a friend it's still a shock. Too many intimations of mortality for any of us.


Jane, how are the bruises? Sarah how's the new boob? Alex, your implant looks amazing. Em, are you coming home?


Hope everyone else is ok, I'm off to work in a bit. Travelling by boat- there are some perks to living in Greenwich.


Ali x





Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday deeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr Emmmiilllllllly

Happy birthday to you.


Have a fab day - I hope you get spoilt rotton, because you deserve it.

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Happy birthday Emily xxx 🍾🍸🍰

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

I can't get back to sleep! This is my last day at work before I start my treatment. Going to be hard leaving my little work family though the boss said he can't wait to get me back to put me right onto our reception desk! Wont tell you what my reply was!!!Going to take this weekend to do a few things around the house before my day procedure op on Mon & also to go to M&S to buy myself another 1 of their lovely soft post op bras

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Nite, nite xxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Will catch up with everyone tomorrow but just wanted to say so pleased to hear your results are back Stru - onwards and upwards!
Jane x

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!



Tough pants on my darling xxxx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Emily and Lexxy - I'm pooing myself - AGAIN - what the hell .. I don't even know why cos I suppose I am prepared for it - I think! It sometimes just feels so relentless .. I won't know what to do with myself when I have no results to wait for πŸ˜’ ... anyway, surely this next appointment is the last of actual results!! Just treatment to get through whatever it is xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

I'm just popping on to say hello before I head off to bed and it looks like I've got pages to catch up on!

I've felt back to normal today so have made the most of it and visited friends and kept myself busy. I now need to catch up with what all you ladies have been up to.

Jo xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Strudel - I've never had so many plans πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ diary is booked up πŸ™„

Hmmmm now Alex .. "if you show me yours, I will show you mine" πŸ™ˆ But you will have to wait until tomorrow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. New boob day for me!! Yours looks amazing! xx

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Its tomorrow Smiley Very Happy but I have family coming Saturday.


The girls at work brought me a silk for my riding hat, with a bobble on, they were so excited to give it to me lol! Its brilliant.


lol! Stru, we all take it in our stride, don;t you know, we are the chilled out gang of wall ladies Smiley LOL

Re: Our Gang! Come chat!

Alex it looks amazing! That's a big bruise though, you feeling ok?

Quick shout out to Jo too - hope you're doing ok.

Emily, Lexxy and Sarah. Huge hugs. I of course take waiting for things in my stride but you lot..πŸ˜‚. I feel every second of it for you. On Monday you will have plans.xx

Emily, which day is your birthday on? What did you're friend give you - a matching pear?

So, more news to round off a newsy day. ( I don't want to overstate how well I know the guy who's sick btw. We're not friends but we're friendly competitors in a small work world, it's still beyond **bleep**e). So the better news is that Charlo got through first T and feels fine, even managed some tea. She was all over my scan news like a rash and it was her texting me to see if I'd heard, when she herself had just had chemo. She's amazing But then so are all you guys. X