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Our Paths Crossed - The Waiter's Story - Treatment Delayed


Re: Our Paths Crossed - The Waiter's Story - Treatment Delayed

Hi Puggles,


Thanks for your post. While you're waiting for a response, If you've got questions you'd like to discuss around what is appropriate treatment I recommend contacting our helpline. Details can be found here:




Our Paths Crossed - The Waiter's Story - Treatment Delayed

I can't forget that young man or his Nan, a woman I've never met.

The Waiter asked if I'd enjoyed my break. Explained that it was a break before more surgery and that I'd had breast cancer last year. He told me his Nan had breast cancer and was going to get her op after months of delay, in November (what!!! it's the beginning of September now). He thought his Nan shouldn't have been so honest and told them she was a smoker (what?). She had been given tablets to ward off the cancer, but these had made her weight balloon. I asked what stage the cancer was. Between stage 2 and 3. He thought her age may have been a factor in the delays - 68. He agreed that perhaps she wasn't in the best of health, but that the family knew of patients in a near area that were getting operated on. 

Well how could I help him? Gave him some ideas of what to write to the Hospital CEO and PALS at the same time. Thought local breast cancer Facebook group could give Nan support.

Had the Waiter got his story right? Was Nan being discriminated against for her age, smoking or was she having her op delayed due to ill health despite being offered it in November? Was Nan being exact in saying her diagnosis was being between stage 2 and 3? Was the Oncologist being diplomatic with the stage the cancer was at?

The one thing that it is obvious is that the lady wanted that tumour removing despite her age.

I hope that they wrote into the hospital and that date was moved forward.