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PIP - No , no, no


Re: PIP - No , no, no


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Re: PIP - No , no, no

Hi Tink

Sorry to hear about your refusual for PIP.  Can you contact your local MacMillan centre (if you have one)?  They usually have a financial advisor you can speak to.  Or your Citizen Advice Bureau (if they still exist?) I've heard that they have helped in the past.  How bloody frustrating, that's all you (and we need) - having to 'prove' we're ill enough.  The forms already don't take into consideration our type of situation, let alone someone assessing your situation who also doesn't understand the particular problems associated living with such a disease and it's prognosis.  I hope you do get someone who can help get this re-instated.  Wishing you luck.

Nicky x

Re: PIP - No , no, no

Hi Tinkerbelle


This all sounds very upsetting and stressful.  Unfortunately I have no knowledge of the PIP system so am unable to offer any words of advice.  Our specialist Helpline team may be able to help though, 0808 800 6000, this is a freephone number.


I hope that you are able to resolve this positively.


Best wishes
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PIP - No , no, no

Hope nobody minds me starting this new thread but I have found out that I am not the only one who has fallen foul of Capita and the DWP this week.  This seems to be a worrying new trend and it is Capita making the decision.



Hello all, I haven't been here for a long time so hello to everyone new and old. I had a DS1500 signed by my GP for the renewal of my PIP claim and have been told by the DWP that this is not enough to qualify me for any PIP and I will need to fill in a complete form.


The DWP phoned my GP and based on what she told them (which was written in the DS1500) they have decided that I am not 'terminal' for the purpose of awarding benefits and therefore ineligible to claim under special rules.


Has anyone else been told that they aren't eligible for special rules even with a DS1500? Tink x