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Pain and dimple


Re: Pain and dimple

Yes totally agreed with you. Most breast cancers don't produce pain. They produce swelling in around the niple of the breast.

Re: Pain and dimple

Hi Porcha. if you havent seen an improvement yet, please go back. Hopefully it is just an infection, but it really isnt worth taking a chance if you are not responding to the antibiotics.

Re: Pain and dimple

Hi. The antibiotics I got weren't effective, I am now on broad spectrum ones.

2 days in and the pain is worse, I almost passed out earlier 😞

Hopefully a couple more days on these should help

Re: Pain and dimple

Hi hopefully you are feeling better now as the antibiotics should have kicked in? If not, then please do go back to your doctor, and if there is any doubt at all about it being an infection, ask for a referral.

Re: Pain and dimple

Thank you.

I'm 5 days into the week course but I'm still in quite a bit of pain 😞

I hope the next 2 days will help as I'm pretty much scared s***less now!

Re: Pain and dimple

That's good news - hopefully the antibiotics will sort you out, but if they don't, do go back and ask to be referred to the breast clinic to get it checked.

Re: Pain and dimple

Doctors yesterday and he thinks it's an infection so I'm on antibiotics and an anti inflammatory.

I'm happy it seems to be nothing, fingers crossed the medicine works 🙂

Re: Pain and dimple

Thank you for your replies, I've booked a doctor's appointment for Tuesday.

Never been so nervous to go to the doctors! I know it's probably nothing but it doesn't stop the worry

Re: Pain and dimple

Hi Porcha and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support here, our helpliners are on hand for you 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays so please feel free to give them a call and talk your concerns over on 0808 800 6000

Take care
Lucy BCC

Re: Pain and dimple

Hi porcha,

Get yourself to the doctor to get it checked out. Any changes in your breasts should be looked into for your own peace of mind.

Your age is on your side and most breast cancers don't produce pain, so stay positive, but it's important not to ignore any changes.

Book a GP appointment as soon as you can. Let us know how you get on. Love Mel. xx

Pain and dimple

Hi all,

So my left breast has been sore, like an achy burning sensation, for around 3 weeks now. That pain is around the left side of my breast and slightly under my armpit. Now and then I get a sharp pain and if it's banged it's excruciating.

I can't feel a lump but I can feel the point where it's sore, if you know what I mean.

Also noticed a small dimple yesterday which has gotten just slightly more noticeable today.

I'm 30, had 2 kids, smoker, light drinker, healthy ish eater and get plenty of exercise running round after a 1 year old!