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Pain from surgery


Re: Pain from surgery


The pain will go and then it will just be sore, depends how much they cut you, my pain along the scar area went but took sometime, still sore under the arm where the lymph nodes were taken out.  Still doing the exercises as don't want it to tighten up again.  We all heal differently depending on age etc, I am 65 and had my MX in May.  Was back gardening and playing golf after 8 weeks. I have to admit I am not yet at the stage when there is no discomfort, my doctor said that was not unusual. Stay strong it will improve x

Ele J

Re: Pain from surgery

Hi, it can take a while to settle down completely, partly because whenever it starts to hurt a bit less, even without realising you start to do a bit more (moving, lifting, whatever) and then it's sore again. Did you have lymph nodes removed? Not me that was more painful and for longer than the boob.

I would say just over two weeks is not very long..I was still quite tender at 4 weeks, but then by 5 I was able to wear a sports bra and go for a run, which I couldn't have imagined just one week before. My advice would be

- talk to your breast care nurse, or doctor, to check everything's ok and no infection or anything

- continue to take whatever painkillers you have regularly, rather than wait till it's painful to take them (easier to prevent pain than fix it once it's here!)

- try not to do too much..rest up as much as possible

- try and be patient - the hardest things for all of us!!! It will get better, it's very early days, so be kind to yourself and try to keep your spirits up.

Hope you feel better soon xxx

Re: Pain from surgery

Sorry I am not much help my pain disappeared very quickly but we ar all different. At my hospital we can ring the breast care ward if we have any question. Good luck

Pain from surgery

I had surgery on the 5/11/15. Mastopexy. They had to remove a bit.


It still does hurt.


How long is this going to take to get better?