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Part rant, part question


Re: Part rant, part question

Hi Jenny ,

 I to get tired but I pace myself & do yoga , tai chi & qi gong every week & go into work each day 

  Unfortunately you just have to learn to pace yourself ( I know it's easier said than done )

  Have a look for any qi gong classes in your area - it's very relaxing & can be done sitting

 hope this is of help ( I have stage 4 breast cancer & secondary liver & am currently on tamoxifen & am 2 years down the line after being diagnosed) 


Re: Part rant, part question

Hi Liz, like ramade Ive found that it has been about changing my lifestyle and slowing down. Short chunks of activity followed by rest periods works for me. This includes catnapping during the afternoon when needed. (My body tells me when I need to stop - although I find it hard to listen to it sometimes!)


I was told exercise is good to do but unfortunately, I still havent found a way of getting enough exercise that I can actually do without getting over fatiqued by it.  The closet Ive got is a tai chi class until the teacher changed and I couldnt keep up.


Ive just started on a very low dose of amitriptyline for joint aches, jury is still out but seems worth a try.


Re: Part rant, part question

Liz, for peripheral neuropathy low dose 25mg amitriptyline is excellent, you won't feel the benefits until exactly 5 days afterwards, i was given this in France but some of the doctors here didn't seem to know about this. Also anticonvulsants such as Lyrica. it may be that you can't take those because there could be an interaction but amitriptyline should be fine, i have taken it for years.

As for fatigue as ff says best to ask but i found the only way for me was to totally change my lifestyle which was very difficult but as the years of medicines have continued i've settled into a new (older than my years) type of person.

hope this is helpful, and keep in touch, this site is wonderful and everyone is so kind.

Ramade xxxx

Community Champion

Re: Part rant, part question

Welcome Liz, Talk to your oncologist they might be able to prescribe something. Rant anytime we all do! FF


Part rant, part question

I will apologise in advance if this sounds like a rant.


im stage 4 BC HER II diagnosed Feb 2015.  I have continued full time work while having Herceptin, Pertusamab and Zoledronic acid every 3 weeks.  During my early chemo with Abraxane I developed horrific peripheral neuropathy but it settled down to just being a major pain in the bum within the year.

niw my condition is stable but I have more fatigue than ever and over the past three weeks my workload at the office had got heavier and heavier.  So I'm a bit stressed too.


Ive read that excersize is helpful but the neuropathy makes it painful to walk far (I have recently got a mobility scooter) looking for suggestions I can fit into my life please.  


How can I get ride of this fatigue and get some life back?