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Penny Brohn/Bristol Cancer Centre

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Re: Penny Brohn/Bristol Cancer Centre

I met Elizabeth Butler, a Senior Nutritional Therapist from the PBCC, yesterday, and she was very interesting. I'd definitely like to go on one of their courses, so would also be interested in hearing from other people who've been.


Re: Penny Brohn/Bristol Cancer Centre

Hi Carol

I went just over 4 years ago at the end of my treatment. I found it very beneficial in dealing with the physical and emotional aftermarth of the previous 10 months and it helped me significantly move on with my life as it gave me the all important glimmer of hope that I was desperate to have.

It's not for everyone but it does hold a very special place in my heart and soul.

I hope that you get to go.

Take care
Becks xxx


Penny Brohn/Bristol Cancer Centre

Just wondered if anyone had been to the Bristol Cancer Centre (now known as Penny Brohn Centre). Have sent for more information after reading a book about it but would like to hear from anyone who has had the experience of going there, particularly on any of their residential courses.